Takashi Murakami – The 500 Arhats

Detaliu din The 500 Arhats, 2012 © Takashi Murakami (mai mare)

Dacă apreciezi arta japoneză, cultura otaku, sau ești friends cu feeder pe facebook se poate să fi aflat despre expoziția lui Takashi Murakami – The 500 Arhats. Focusul expoziției este imensa lucrare de 100 de metri lungime și 3 metri înălțime realizată în 2012, probabil cea mai mare pictură din lume în acest moment, găzduită acum de Mori Art Museum din Tokyo, alături de sculpturi de mari dimensiuni și picturi abstracte ale artistului. Răspunsul lui Takashi Murakami la cutremurul din 2011 din Japonia, The 500 Arhats ilustrează 500 de adepți luminați ai lui Buddha. Click pentru video tur… Read More »Takashi Murakami – The 500 Arhats

Various Artists – Kyodai Reworks (LTCD005 – 2015)

Local Talk – reworks by Kyodai.

Keywords: energy, synth, funk, skateboard, deep house


Kyodai means “brothers” in Japanese and that’s a good clue for guessing who`s behind these two heads, the producers based in Berlin. Feedbacks came from Lauren Garnier, Masters At Work, Jimpster, Gilles Peterson or Rainer Trueby. They are also part of Pokerflat Records.

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Egal 3 – Altfelnu EP [Sound of Vast]

Egal 3 – Altfelnu EP
Release date: 15-09-2015
Label: Sound of Vast
Catalog Number: SOV006

Romanian producer Egal 3 returns to Sound of Vast to drop a pair of intricate and mesmerising cuts.

Having released on established imprints such as Fear of Flying, Monique Musique, Edec and Memoria Recordings, this marks Egal 3’s second appearance on Sound of Vast since inaugurating its discography last year. Still in his early 20s, the producer has accomplished a lot in such a short time including collaborating with tINI, Livio & Roby, Andrea Oliva and Andrew Grant to name a few.

Altfelnu’ initiates the release with sporadic percussion and an understated bassline before an unexpected piano melody enhances the eerie vibe. On the flip ‘Sidebyside’ focuses more on a tight groove constructed from an analogue drum machine and modular synth to craft a track geared for afterhours bedlam.

Egal 3Altfelnu’ EP drops on Sound of Vast on 15th September 2015.
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feeder insider w/ YOMSNIL

feeder insider w/ YOMSNIL 염승일

Yomsnil 염승일 has been working as an art director for more than 10 years before deciding to pursue his personal quest as an artist. Having moved from Tokyo to Seoul in 2011, he has expanded his medium and message to become a multi-talented artist, making a change from 2-dimensional characters to 3-dimensional acrylic painted porcelain representations of them. After solo exhibitions in both Tokyo and Seoul, and interesting collaborations, his follower base is rapidly growing and 2015 sees him as a guest speaker at Pictoplasma Berlin Conference, where he will undoubtedly acquire more.


Keywords: artist, porcelain, sculpture, cute, character, alternative, death


This is what feeder would like to know about you:

Character is found in… my mind. I have drawn lots of characters. It is a feedback of my life and thinking. I found that my latest character has shape elements similar to old characters.
Sunday mornings I always… get up late (11 AM, Mon-Sat, 8 AM) and go out for cycling and writing blog articles in a cafe.
It’s been long since I’ve… been in Tokyo. I came back from Tokyo 4 years ago. I did not go back again. I’d like to visit as an artist, by invitation, when I go back. I want to show my artwork to my Japanese friends and old colleagues.
Nature is… in a park, river and mountain. Basically I am a city boy. So I enjoy Nature in the city.
Good music makes me… energetic and groovy. I like Jazz, hip hop and R&B.
A question I keep asking myself is… Why? Why do I do this? Why do people believe that? Why do I want this? I like a fundamental question. It brings me here, in my life.
Through collaborations, one can achieve… output more than extended.
I can easily cook… pastas and fried rice. ^^
3 artists who inspire me… I’d like to mention 2 groups.

Dead artists -> Marcel Duchamp, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol
Living artists-> KAWS, Murakami Takashi, Yokoyama Yuichi

Yomsnil @ Pictoplasma Artist Talk and Group Exhibition: 29 April ~ 3 May in Berlin

Cristina: The first thing that came into my mind when I saw Hafydoll was – how can I have it? Your characters have a wonderful, cute, eerie personality – they are playful and serious at the same time. They draw me into their hollowed eyes, as I’m sure they will do the same with the Pictoplasma 2015 audience. You were amongst the first speakers announced for the conference, and your works are featured in the recently released Pictoplasma Character Portraits (out 30th October 2014), so I’d really like to know, what kind of relationships would you like the viewer to form with your characters?

Yomsnil 염승일: memento mori (remember to die) is a traditional theme of art because the Plot called life is not only a comedy, it is more close to a tragedy. But we want too much stuff and hate each other in life.

I guess the world should be peaceful if we think about our death more.

Variety of artworks by YOMSNIL

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Noaptea Culturală Japoneză @ Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine

  • by igu

Noaptea Culturală Japoneză @ Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine
12 decembrie, 20:30

Lumea magică a Japoniei sub clar de lună

Ți-ai dori să evadezi din rutina obișnuită de vineri seara? Ai vrea să călătorești și să descoperi lucruri noi și interesante? ASLS are soluția pentru tine!

Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine găzduiește o nouă noapte culturală care te va purta pe meleagurile Japoniei. Află totul despre istoria, obiceiurile și limba Ţării Soarelui Răsare. Pentru a-ți satisface setea de cunoaștere, dar și curiozitatea, noi ți-am pregătit multe momente speciale.
Noaptea Culturală Japoneză va debuta cu o piesă de teatru, care îţi va deschide porţile către lumea plină de mistere a Japoniei. Dincolo de acele porţi, te invităm să înveţi dansurile tradiţionale ale Japoniei şi, de asemenea, tainele artelor marţiale.Read More »Noaptea Culturală Japoneză @ Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine