feeder insider w/ Borusiade [en]


feeder insider w/ Borusiade [en]

Borusiade, Miruna Boruzescu, has been a DJ ever since 2002, and also one of the first female Romanian artists with a passion for music. In 2005 she started producing her own edits and tracks, and slowly her sound turned dark, with heavy bass lines and obsessive themes. If we were to label it, although difficult, we could say there’s Dark Disco, EBM, tropical mutants and a bit of Acid. A member of the Cómeme label, she now resides in Berlin, and you can hear her play alongside Matias Aguayo, Gorbachev or Ana Helder. The affiliation with Female:Pressure can be seen as her desire for a more colorful music environment. Borusiade recently played at the Cómeme Night event in Bucharest, before departing to the Insomnia Festival in Norway. Let’s talk about the past, present and future with Boru!

keywords: unusual, industrial, psy folk, new wave, indie, occult, experimental

Hello, Borusiade!

On sunny days… I charge. Days like that are rare in Berlin
As I was living in Bucharest… I grew up.
In 2020… global temperature will increase by 2 degrees.
I enjoy travelling… with music.
My favourite season is… autumn.
A Romanian movie I would like to see again is… Nunta de piatra.
Morning kicks-off with… an apple juice blended with curcuma, carrots and ginger.
It happens often that I write down… ideas for tunes.
Clothing is… indispensable.
Three releases I recently came across are…

Ancient Methods – ‘Turn Ice Realities Info Fire Dreams’ (Hands Label)
Khidja Never Seen The Remixes (Emotional Especial)
Rionegro – ‘Rionegro’(Cómeme)

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