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Balance presents Fur Coat

Balance presents Fur Coat

Balance presents Fur Coat

Release date: 18-05-2015
Artist Name: Fur Coat
Title: Balance presents Fur Coat
Label: Balance Music
Catalog Number: BAL015CD

However you choose to describe riveting Venezuelan-born, Barcelona-based duo Fur Coat’s style, there’s no denying that theirs is very much the sound of now. Fusing bold, dramatic synth lines with heady atmospherics and rhythms that seamlessly blend the organic and electronic, they have won fans far and wide with their releases on Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Culprit, Get Physical, My Favorite Robot and BPitch Control. Debuting at #66 in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs Poll last year, they are an ever-growing force to be reckoned with.

Their mix for Balance is their first official compilation. “We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do”, they say of their game plan. “We wanted a timeless mix that you can put in your car, listen at home, or any place that you want, having a story being told in an hour or so. It’s that kind of music that has no expiry date. We mixed the compilation live in Barcelona, at Israel’s house, with TRAKTOR and an Allen and Heath mixer. We really wanted to have that DJ feeling, the actual feeling of it being mixed; not just dropping the tracks on Ableton and mapping automations.”
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feeder insider booklet / e-book & booklet / party

feeder insider booklet #01 first edition

Pe 20 decembrie ne-am văzut cu voi la petrecerea de lansare a primului booklet feeder insider. Pentru cei care nu au prins un soft copy, vă invităm să răsfoiți varianta digitală:

feeder insider booklet #01 first edition

FEEDER INSIDER w/ Liar [Infinite Machine] – RO // Golan [Golan]  – RO // Miss I [Misbits] – RO // DJ Vasile [Independent] – RO // Lilith [Baile Musik] – NL // Marcus Price [Slang Musik] – SE // [Mobilee] – GR //  Ada Kaleh [Ada Kaleh România] – RO //  Christian S [Comeme] – DE //  DJ BOg [Burn Residency] – RO

Grafica cât și booklet-ul sunt realizate de Tokyotoys. Pentru fiecare categorie a creat câte un personaj, care animă navigarea și ne însoțește în interviuri, mixuri sau articole.Read More »feeder insider booklet / e-book & booklet / party

feeder insider w/ Blond:ish

Blond:ish are Vivie-Ann and Anstascia, two fun loving producers with a taste for the eclectic and a deep appreciation for all things psychedelic. Their records were released under labels like Kompakt and Get Physical, and were thoroughly enjoyed by both their loyal fans and other artists, as Blond:ish bring a special sound to the scene. Moody, sultry and seductive, their tunes and sets are guaranteed to be the life of the party, as Blond:ish have proven in their global ventures. They’ve visited Romania a few times, and we’ll see them again on 28 of February at Club Midi. We got to have a chat with the girls in this week’s feeder insider.

Keywords: party, eclectic, psychedelic, technoish, fun

Hello, Blond:ish!

This is what feeder would like to know about you:

First thing I do when I get up…
VIV: press record on my recorder to get the birds… they make some crazy sounds…

I can’t get enough…
ANS: of music
VIV: of fresh coconuts, coconut juice, coconut oil, coconut meat

A self-description in three words…
ANS: happy, peaceful, ISH
VIV: open minded, balanced, ISH

My drink of choice…
ANS: a tie between fresh coconut water and amazing red wine
VIV: mezcal tamorind chili, or cacao elixirs

Inspiration can be found in…
ANS: anywhere you choose to be present.
VIV: what she said

Music makes me…
ANS: go to a different dimension (well that depends on what music)
VIV: tingle

One of my greatest desires…
ANS: Is to keep learning and exploring the mysteries of life with my friends and family.
VIV: keep learning and gaining knowledge everyday…Read More »feeder insider w/ Blond:ish