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feeder insider w/ Bonbon

feeder insider w/ Bonbon


feeder insider w/ Bonbon

Remarcabilă la pupitru prin concentrarea și siguranța ei, diversificată și erudită prin muzica pe care o redă publicului, Bonbon surprinde prin alura sa misterioasă. Am ascultat-o în case aflate departe de aglomerația cluburilor bucureștene sau în cadrul diverselor evenimente culturale concentrate pe audio-vizual și mereu ne-a făcut să ne întrebăm oare când va pune din nou. O mai puteți găsi crate digging sau înregistrând seturi live la Misbits, loc pe care îl consideră special. Ne bucurăm că a răspuns afirmativ invitației noastre, iar astăzi avem ocazia să aflăm ce mai face într-un interviu feeder insider.

keywords: minimal, armonie, neașteptat, fantezie, deep

Hello, Bonbon!

Lumina…are mai multe nuanțe.
Un loc pe care vreau să-l vizitez…insula Socotra printre altele.
În natură găsesc…energie.
Citesc cu plăcere…Vice, o carte nu am mai citit de mult.
Oglinzile ne arată…și bune, și rele.
În spatele imaginilor…sunt anumite intenții.
Un desert pe care nu-l pot refuza… numai unul???
Dintre artele vizuale, cel mai mult mă regăsesc în…design.
Locul în care mă aflu acum…my happy place.
Trei discuri pe care le ascult mereu cu plăcere… le găsesc la label-uri ca Sylphe, Fathers&Sons sau Hardworksoftdrik.

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feeder insider w/ Saddo [en]

feeder insider w/ Saddo [en]

Raul Oprea aka Saddo is an illustrator and mural artist from Romania. He studied graphics at the University of Art in Cluj Napoca and after his first contact with graffiti culture on a trip to the U.S., he came back to Cluj and together with a few friends he founded the street art collective “The Playground”. He began by experimenting with tags and stickers, did stencils, paste-ups and finally murals. Ever since he’s kept busy: numerous collaborations with various artists, personal and group exhibitions, both local and international, illustrations or murals commissioned by different clients, he lived in Cluj, Bucharest, Timișoara, Berlin, Lisbon. He created them all in his trademark style which he’s currently developing through technical and conceptual experiments designed for displaying in galleries. Coming up – Saddo’s recent projects, our blog’s new background theme and other tidbits.

First, fill in the blanks:

My strongest childhood memory… the strongest ones are the crazy ones, about all the silly things I used to do with my brother. A funny memory is from when I made a sort of photo-montage, I took one of my grandfather’s wedding photos, cut out his head and glued it to Arnold’s or some other body-builder’s body. Grandpa didn’t find it funny and chased me around the courtyard until my grandma explained that my intention was “to make him stronger”.

My first street art work was… some silly character, a sort of dumb and basic bunny I sprayed on the walls in Cluj, a kind of extremelly bad and primitive tag.

A recurring dream I have… I don’t really remember my dreams, they’re usually about crazy things that make no sense.

I never want to… lose weight.

I’m great at cooking… pumpkin and cauliflower soup, I don’t exactly like it, but Heliana does. And veggie burrito. My secret name is Burrito Jesus.

The most beautiful city to me is… I’d say Lisbon or Venice, but I haven’t been in a lot of cities. There may be others more beautiful.

When I get bored… I watch TV series, play Candy Crush or Plants vs Zombies.

I think that art makes me… feel like I have a purpose or some meaning in life.Read More »feeder insider w/ Saddo [en]

feeder insider /w Julie Marghilano [Sol Asylum]


feeder insider /w Julie Marghilano [Sol Asylum]

It’s hard to get a start like Julie Marghilano. Born in Vegas from a jazz musician father and a vocalist mother, teased and inspired by the European culture, she arrived in Riccione (IT), continued to London, only to later land in Berlin. She already made contact with music in 2002, and in 2010 she began producing. From the Pacific to the Danube river, her compact and emotive techno landscape captured the attention of clubs like Club der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Cocoon and Resolute in NY. Today she is Sol Asylum label boss, and keeps a magical and close friendship with Miss Jools, together lifting that dance floor vibe higher and higher. She featured as one of the remixers for Mr. John’s – D.N. EP which appeared on Romanian label Tzinah Records. Now the connection with Romania was reignited once again, as Julie agreed to speak a bit about the future of her music and label with us.

keywords: techno emotion, perpetual evolution, magnetism, freak, delicacy, mobility,

Hello, Julie!

Last track I laid my hands on was… Move D Got thing… I found this record digging at my local Spacehall
My favourite town remains… Berlin
If it hadn’t been the violin, then it would have been… The Cello
A delicious breakfast is made of… french toast and eggs
Clothing is… something I don’t care about too much these days. I prefer to spend my money on records and gear 🙂
After a 12 hours party… I usually play another 12 hours
An ultimate crusher track to close an event… that would all depend on the event, time its closing and the people I have in front of me.
In my spare time… I do various things like going to lakes, bike rides, and cooking dinner for friends.  Food is my second passion.
Two years from now I will… have grown Sol Asylum label nights, artists and merchandising to the next level as well as fine tuned my analog friendly live and productions
Best drink for a long night is… Jameson whisky and ginger beer
To settle down is to… settle for something less than your worth
Three artists who amaze me lately are…

Liviu Groza – I booked him for the last Sol Asylum event and his live was mind blowing.

Markus Sommer and Phil Evans Clementine Mona Lisa on Pager – this is officially my favorite new record. These guys are going to have a bright future.

Dana Ruh – apart from being an amazing friend, she is one of the most talented producers and djs I know and she definitely is one of the ladies who has worked hard for her success.  She is a great inspiration and I have an immense respect  for her.

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