feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo

feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo [ro]


Dj, producător, creator de petreceri, omul care zguduie ringul de dans, Matias Aguayo explorează de mai mult de un deceniu sunetele și muzica, timp în care a colaborat cu mari artiști, a aderat la Kompakt și a lansat propriul său label  Cómeme. Muzica sa a fost descrisă ca fiind „universală”, în seturile acestuia poți găsi un amalgam de genuri variate, de la beat-urile latine, o fereastră către originile sale, până la techno și house, emblematice pentru el, peste care a presărat propriile vocale. Acum, ne bucurăm să vă prezentăm acest insider împreună cu Matias Aguayo – la doar câteva luni de la interviul luat bunului său prieten de la  Cómeme, Christian S, și exact la un an de la primul nostru feeder insider.

Citiți întreaga conversație pentru a prinde câte ceva despre viața și muzica acestui minunat artist.

Când călătoresc îmi place să… filmez clipuri de la ferestrele avioanelor și trenurilor luând aminte la fenomenele ciudate pe care călătorul obișnuit le poate vedea. Îmi rezerv timp pentru a citi, observa oamenii și obiceiurile acestora, îmi imaginez că sunt altcineva plecat într-o misiune periculoasă, beau multă apă, scriu idei în cărticele, creez ritmuri, învăț limbi străine sau despre acestea, aflu lucruri noi despre muzică și dans, despre mâncare, despre comunicare.
Poate cea mai mare dorință a mea este… fiu actor într-o comedie.
Caracteristicile care-mi definesc muzica sunt… Tobe, Bass, Vocale. Câteodată corzi.
Una dintre cele mai mari realizări din viața mea sunt… spaghetele carbonara pregătite de mine.
Instrumentele de studio preferate suntRead More »feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo [ro]

feeder insider w/ Borusiade [en]

feeder insider w/ Borusiade


feeder insider w/ Borusiade [en]

Borusiade, Miruna Boruzescu, has been a DJ ever since 2002, and also one of the first female Romanian artists with a passion for music. In 2005 she started producing her own edits and tracks, and slowly her sound turned dark, with heavy bass lines and obsessive themes. If we were to label it, although difficult, we could say there’s Dark Disco, EBM, tropical mutants and a bit of Acid. A member of the Cómeme label, she now resides in Berlin, and you can hear her play alongside Matias Aguayo, Gorbachev or Ana Helder. The affiliation with Female:Pressure can be seen as her desire for a more colorful music environment. Borusiade recently played at the Cómeme Night event in Bucharest, before departing to the Insomnia Festival in Norway. Let’s talk about the past, present and future with Boru!

keywords: unusual, industrial, psy folk, new wave, indie, occult, experimental

Hello, Borusiade!

On sunny days… I charge. Days like that are rare in Berlin
As I was living in Bucharest… I grew up.
In 2020… global temperature will increase by 2 degrees.
I enjoy travelling… with music.
My favourite season is… autumn.
A Romanian movie I would like to see again is… Nunta de piatra.
Morning kicks-off with… an apple juice blended with curcuma, carrots and ginger.
It happens often that I write down… ideas for tunes.
Clothing is… indispensable.
Three releases I recently came across are…

Ancient Methods – ‘Turn Ice Realities Info Fire Dreams’ (Hands Label)
Khidja Never Seen The Remixes (Emotional Especial)
Rionegro – ‘Rionegro’(Cómeme)

feeder insider w/ Borusiade

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Rokolectiv presents SHAPE București @ Halele Carol

Rokolectiv pres. Shape

Rokolectiv presents SHAPE București @ Halele Carol
11 – 13 Septembrie, 20:00

Rokolectiv presents a weekend dedicated to SHAPE, one of the most ambitious European platforms for innovative music and audiovisual art. On 11th and 12th of September, the former thermal power station of Halele Carol will resonate to a wide range of sound performances & DJ sets supported by site-specific visual outputs.

Friday, 11.09., 20:00 – 01:00


On Friday, expect some sonic mutations with three early evening performances and a friendly art selfie environment.Read More »Rokolectiv presents SHAPE București @ Halele Carol

Rokolectiv Festival - 10 years

Rokolectiv Festival – 10 years

Rokolectiv Festival - 10 years

Rokolectiv Festival – 10 years
24-26 Aprilie, 23:00

We celebrate 10 years of Rokolectiv Festival between 23rd and 26th of April in Bucharest’s MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) and Halele Carol. It’s been an adventurous, challenging, yet highly entertaining journey, with over 250 legendary and upcoming artists shaping the scenes in sound, music and visual arts, invited to perform in Bucharest over the years.

23.04, MNAC Bucharest / Opening Night, 20.00

Vincent Leroy: “Boreal Halo” (FR)
Pierre Bastien (FR)
Piętnastka (PL)
Aïsha Devi (CH)
(for details check the “Opening Night” event)

24.04, Halele Carol, 23.00

Sillyconductor (RO)
Vaghe Stelle (IT)
DJ Firmeza (AO/PL)
Objekt (DE)
Abdulla Rashim (SE)
Dreamrec (RO)

25-26.04, c, 23.00

N.M.O. (NO)
Gazelle Twin (UK)
Islam Chipsy feat. EEK (EG)
Mondkopf (FR)
Lena Willikens (DE)
Borusiade (RO)
Romansoff (RO)
Dreamrec (RO)

Read More »Rokolectiv Festival – 10 years

feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo

feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo


Dj, producer, party maker and dancefloor shaker, Matias Aguayo has been exploring sounds and music for over a decade, in which he travelled a lot, collaborated with some great artists, joined Kompakt and started his own record label, Cómeme. His music has been described as “universal” – in his dj sets, you’ll find a mixture of different genres, from Latin beats, a window to his origins, to his signature techno and house, riddled with his own voice samples. We’re very happy to be able to share with you this insider with Matias Aguayo now – just a few months after we’ve interviewed his good friend and Cómeme pee, Christian S, and exactly one year after our first feeder insider.

Read the whole conversation for a peek in the life and music of this wonderful artist.

Hello, Matias!

This is what feeder would like to know about you:
When travelling, I like to… film videos out of the windows of planes and train observing strange phenomena visible to the everyday traveller, I take time to read, observe people and their habits, imagine I am somebody else on some dangerous mission, drink a lot of water, write down ideas in little books, make rhythms, learn languages or learn about languages, learn about music and dancing, about food, about communication.
Perhaps my greatest wish is to… be an actor in a funny movie.
My music’s defining features are… Drums, Bass, Vocals. Sometimes chords.
One of the biggest accomplishments in my life is… my spaghetti carbonara.
My favorite studio tools are… the microphone Sennheiser MD 441, the Vermona lancet retroverb, the critter & guitari pocketpiano, my black maracas, the mfb tanzbär. The Tempest, and the electroharmonix 45000!
I’ve always been fascinated by… Bette Davis
In a few years, I’ll be… a famous funny movie actor.
When dj’ing, I always pay close attention to… the best people in the crowd. I focus on the ones who enjoy the music most and are most supportive and show the best dancing moves. If I get in contact with them, they can cause a contagious reaction extending Read More »feeder insider w/ Matias Aguayo