feeder insider w/ Oana [en]

feeder insider w/ Oana [en]


Oana is a Romanian DJ and producer born in Craiova. She’s been to places some of us probably still dream of. As for music, she played in Netherlands, Germany, Finland, India only to finally feel a strong call, back to the roots, from the motherland. The way creation takes place with Oana completes her creative spectrum through warm and personal sounds with a storyline in between, almost always.

Journeys began blending with experiences taking Oana beyond borders of club music into the realm of sound therapy. Perhaps her most interesting qualities are honesty and openness to new understandings.

What will follow is an extended dialogue with Oana about life, connections, music and a unique voyage. The interview includes the feeder sound 70 mixed by Oana which is an experimental foray featuring harmonic frequencies alongside the melody that announces the celebration of a new moon.

keywords: connection, emotion, evolution, journey

I would like to go to… Space.
Diversity is… like salt for food.
In the EST I’ve discovered… how small the world really is.
A software I use on a daily basis… Logic Pro.
On the train… I write poetry.
Big cities… inspire me.
I never go on a trip without… headphones and music.
When I see people smiling… I smile too.
Colors release… sound and vibration.
Three tracks I lately play on repeat…

Erykah Badu – The Healer
Groove Is in the heart – Deee-Lite
Quixosis – Bloodrush (feat Carmen Crow)

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