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Toybox – “T-UPZ 2, acrylic painting on cotton canvas, 30 x 40 cm, 2022 

We continue our quest to bring to the market some of the most unusual and rare paintings made by local artists from the street art and graffiti scene. It is our pleasure to introduce the artworks recently painted by Toybox. The artist started as a graffiti writer back in 2012 and he kept developing his styles both on mural paintings and graffiti letters. Many times, Toybox is switching from a technique to another and you can see his works taking various forms of stickers, stencils, paste-ups, bombs, throw-ups and murals. Toybox lives and works in Bucharest, but he is also travelling across the country to paint, so you might have a chance to see him around. Works by Toybox have been on display during a group exhibition at Galeria „Săfițicuminți”, during Noaptea Muzeelor 2021, Bucharest, and in December at Cinem(u)rals exhibition at Cinema Europa, Bucharest, where he also painted a mural, at Sibiu International Street Art Festival, and in May 2022 at Fiți cu-Minți Creative Festival, in Bucharest.

In both mural paintings and graffiti lettering, Toybox is using lot of skills to construct a balanced image. When painting murals, Toybox is placing unusual objects floating in strange scenes with deep perspectives, while on streets he is painting faster, but still, he is always placing the letters of his alias in a symmetric composition.

Inspired by his latest series of bombs, titled “T-UPZ “, this painting is the first of its series of three. The canvas incorporates three slightly different bombs painted in red, depicting Toybox‘ letters, on a complementary uniform shade of cyan. The reds alternate between a bright red, sometimes called Rose Madder or Crimson, and a medium dark shade of red, sometimes called Vivid Auburn. The bubbly, cute letters come to an end in pointy, sharp shapes.

Toybox – “T-UPZ 2“, acrylic painting on cotton canvas, 30 x 40 cm, 2022

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