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We are delighted to be able to offer for purchase “The Stranger Inside” (2018), signed by Romanian artist Maria Bălan. The artwork is an exceptional example of Maria’s ability to juggle between two directions, introspection and self-analysis, and the other, to be critical of human faults, exploring these areas through the portrait.

500×400 mm / woodprint / Cocoon Offset 120 g. (100% recycled paper) and Caligo Safe Wash (professional quality oil based ink for block printing)

The technique used by the artist is engraving and each work is done manually, including the printing, thus each composition is unique.

First edition of 10, numbered and signed, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

There are 5 pieces “The Stranger Inside” by Maria Bălan available in the feeder shop.

See other limited edition manual linocut and reduction wood prints from Maria Bălan, such as the “Anomalica” series, including The Punishment woodprint, The Mimetic Tree as a woodcut or linocut, together with the linocut printed t-shirts for both women and men, the Three Unwise Humans women and men linocut printed t-shirts, the Humanoprop I and II paste-up on reclaimed bricks, or the Anomalica & Fete și Elemente (Girls and Elements) sets, each containing 5 laminated stickers.

About Maria Bălan

Maria Bălan is a multilaterally developed graphic artist who studied Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest and a non-practising architect having studied at the Architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”. She is based Bucharest, Romania, a freelancer since 2007 and a member of Plastic Artists’ Union from Romania and Illustrators’ Club Romania. Maria enjoys painting walls, creating book illustrations as well as digital art-work (concept art, 2D animation, poster design) with the main focus on portraits and human expressions. Her work has been recognized with The Prize of The International Poster and Book Illustration Biennial For Young Artists, Timisoara, 2013.
In October 2018, she presented her first solo exhibition, “Neștiuții“, a personal project that consists in assembling and illustrating a painful reality that is ignored by the authorities, but also by us, ordinary people who walk every day on the streets and notice at least one case that I call “the unknown”, beings left to chance, which society prefers to keep somewhere on its border, namely street people. She revealed her amazing teaching skills during the Un-hidden Bucharest children’s linocut workshop in 2018.

Read our interview with Maria Bălan, published in January 2019.

Follow Maria on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 3 cm


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