Pulsar Sinaps – „Mecha niacal Reproduction” (BODY TYPE series) | painting


Pulsar Sinaps – „Mecha niacal Reproduction” (BODY TYPE series), acrylics and spray-paint on canvas, 100×150 cm, 2022

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Pulsar Sinaps – „Mecha niacal Reproduction” (BODY TYPE series), acrylics and spray-paint on canvas, 100×150 cm, 2022

Mecha niacal Reproduction,” part of Pulsar Sinaps‘ BODY TYPE series, is a captivating artwork that explores self-identity, multiplicity, and the integration of contrasting elements. Created in 2022, this 100×150 cm painting in acrylics and spray-paint on canvas showcases the artist’s unique style and thought-provoking concepts.

The artwork features three self-portraits superimposed on one another, forming a complex composition that blurs the boundaries between the individual and the collective. Each self-portrait represents a different aspect of the artist’s identity, capturing various emotions, perspectives, and states of being. By overlapping the portraits, Pulsar Sinaps emphasizes the inherent complexity of human nature and challenges the notion of a singular, fixed identity.

Intertwined with the self-portraits are graffiti letters, adding an urban element to the composition. The graffiti reference is grounded in the artist’s involvement in street art culture. The letters merge with the portraits, suggesting a fusion of personal expression and external influences, symbolizing the constant interplay between the self and the surrounding environment.

The colour palette chosen by the artist plays a significant role in conveying the artwork’s mood and atmosphere. The dominant blacks and greys create a sense of depth and mystery, hinting at the complexities and contradictions within the human psyche. These somber tones are juxtaposed with a delicate pastel violet, which adds a touch of ethereality and softness. The pastel violet infuses the artwork with a sense of otherworldliness and introspection, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the artist’s internal landscape.

Mecha niacal Reproduction” invites contemplation and introspection from its audience. It prompts viewers to question their own identities, their relationships with others, and the influence of their surroundings. Through the layered self-portraits, graffiti elements, and carefully chosen colors, Pulsar Sinaps creates a visual dialogue that resonates with themes of self-discovery, multiplicity, and the continuous process of personal growth and adaptation.

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