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Unveiling a remarkable collaboration between Romanian street artist Coon One and Japanese artist, Dragon76, the art toy titled DR76 Series 2 Ouroboros.

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The item offered for your consideration is Ouroboros I, DR76, series 2, an art toy created by the Japanese artist, Dragon76 and customised by Coon One. Coon One is a Romanian street artist known for his colourful characters and dynamic artworks. 

Unveiling a remarkable collaboration between the talented Romanian street artist Coon One and the visionary Japanese artist Dragon76, who created the art toy named Ouroboros I, DR76. The art toy, produced by Martian Toys company, is a modern masterpiece that seamlessly merges the elegance of a traditional Japanese samurai with the urban essence of a graffiti artist.

In the vision of its maker, Dragon76, the DR76 limited edition art toy is a unique fusion of a samurai warrior and a graffiti artist, embodying the duality of strength and creativity. Customising the art toy, Coon One has added a layer of meaning and references through colours and shapes. The predominant colour is a sleek black, adorned with vibrant details in blue, yellow, and orange that punctuate the toy’s modern and dynamic aesthetic. As a graffiti warrior, the “Ouroboros I” comes equipped with four accessories: two paint rollers and two spray cans, allowing the samurai toy to wield the tools of the street artist with finesse. The Ouroboros I wears a striking yellow belt featuring the Coon One inscription and a captivating eye symbol at its centre, signifying watchfulness and artistic vision. The toy dons black and orange Nike shoes with a playful twist—the Nike logo switched to the opposite side, adding an unexpected and artful touch.

The collaboration between Dragon76, Martian Toys and Coon One has birthed a unique and collectable piece that pays homage to the rich traditions of the samurai while boldly embracing the contemporary spirit of street art.

The art toy is 14,5 x 7 x 7 cm.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 9 cm

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