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You may bump into some well-known DJs and sneak a peek into what they prepared for a private record listening session on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. You may spend a warm half an hour chit-chatting with Ioana, the record shop owner, about some twisted house released on an obscure Japanese label with a permanent stock at Misbits.

You may explore and experiment the famous selection of Romanian flavoured house & techno, with records not to be found anywhere else but here. You may lose yourself into some hand-picked records crossing the line to more dubbier territories. You may just take a break from that hard crate-digging job and chill out on the terrace.

You may just love Misbits Record Shop. Established in Bucharest in 2013.
Fresh records. Hand picked selections of used records. Vinyl care accessories.

Born from passion for quality music, Misbits will always be aiming to provide the best vinyl records. And in great shape as well.
New & old, music at a good price! Stay close for details.

Discover below Misbits’ Pick, an irregular feeder.ro column introducing a more extensive side of electronic music, as well as news about Misbits Recordings’ very own suberbly-crafted 10″ releases.

G76 și Vlad Caia @ Misbits Record Shop copy

Saving Misbits Record Shop

Misbits Record Shop, one of the few record stores in Bucharest and perhaps the most interesting needs your support to…

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