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Avid planner or spontaneous explorer? Whatever your philosophy, this is where your thoughts of spending a quiet day at home come to die. Search by date or popular category to find the perfect event for savouring urban life.


Manasia Hub Strada Stelea Spătarul 13, București

The First Edition of ELECTRONICA´ Vinyl Fair will take place @ Manasia HubHosted by MadPiano & Misbits On the 7th of November, we will gather to share and discover unique electronic sounds 🤩 A variety of electronic records, from minimal to house, from techno to electro and experimental music, will be available to listen or… Read More »ELECTRONICA` VINYL FAIR @ Manasia Hub


Paula Dunker & Chlorys at Manasia Hub

Manasia Hub Strada Stelea Spătarul 13, București

Paula Dunker & Chlorys at Manasia Hub "Body, remember not only how deeply you were loved,not only the many beds where you lay,but also those desires that flashedopenly in their eyes or trembled in the voice – and were thwartedby some chance impediment.Now that all of them are locked away in the past,it almost seems… Read More »Paula Dunker & Chlorys at Manasia Hub


Urban Resistance by Manasia

Manasia Hub Strada Stelea Spătarul 13, București

We invite you to take part of Urban Music Fest 🥳 On 5th of december we will gather for the first daytime edition that includes music, vinyl, fashion, friends & good vibes 🙌🏼 Music played by our special guests 🎹 Vinyl Records will be provided by MadPiano, Playedby & Pure Indie Records 🎼www.facebook.com/madpiano.rowww.instagram.com/madpiano.ro www.facebook.com/playedbyclubwww.instagram.com/playedby_/ www.facebook.com/pureindierecordswww.instagram.com/pureindierecords/… Read More »Urban Resistance by Manasia


Corp_A: inițiativa

Centrul Artelor Vizuale Multimedia CAV - Centrul Artelor Vizuale Multimedia Strada Biserica Enei 16, Bucharest

Duminică, 6 decembrie 2020, la Galeria CAV (Căminul Artei, str. Biserica Enei nr.16, București), începând cu ora 11.00 va a vea loc deschiderea expoziției ”Corp_A: inițiativa” și se va desfășura… Read More »Corp_A: inițiativa

Future Perfect #2 / Viitor Anterior #2 @ Casa Tranzit

Casa Tranzit Casa Tranzit, str. George Barițiu, nr. 16, Cluj-Napoca

Future Perfect #2 / Viitor Anterior #2Artiști: Diana Grigorescu, Daniel Dărăban, Renata Vajda, Matei Negruțiu, Anamaria Popa, AndreiCengher, Tudor Predescu, Andra Cați, Cosmin Gödri, Alexandru GoreaCurator: Monotremu7.11.2020 - 11.12.2020 Fabrica… Read More »Future Perfect #2 / Viitor Anterior #2 @ Casa Tranzit


XMAS Open Doors @ MadPiano Record Shop

Manasia Hub Strada Stelea Spătarul 13, București

Right before Christmas, we prepared for you 4 days of 10% discount to all vinyl from our collection only at the Shop Special guests will take over the MadPiano dj booth. Let's laugh together about this year and have a great time beside the music that keeps us so united.  We encourage everyone to keep the… Read More »XMAS Open Doors @ MadPiano Record Shop


Târg de viniluri Paradis Paradis

Krănuț Calea Moșilor 91, Bucharest

Încheiem anul cu o ediție festivă a Târgului de viniluri Paradis Paradis, între 19 și 23 decembrie @ Krănuț (Calea Moșilor 91).O ediție de colecție la care va fi aproape imposibil să nu îți găsești albumele preferate. De la hip hop, disco, rock & jazz, dub, reggae sau funk, până la techno, house și electro,… Read More »Târg de viniluri Paradis Paradis



Online online

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7laecVmKjG8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8u-JNvR9wg&ab_channel=TeatrulDramaturgilorRom%C3%A2ni   Vă invităm să aniversăm împreună ZIUA CULTURII NAȚIONALE. Vineri, 15 ianuarie, începând cu ora 15:00, Teatrul Dramaturgilor Români va difuza, în mediul online, un spectacol inspirat din… Read More »ZIUA CULTURII NAȚIONALE @ TDR


Designers Spring

Impact Hub Floreasca Strada Gara Herăstrău nr 2, Bucharest

Primavara este momentul perfect pentru un refresh in garderoba si nu numai!Intre 27-28 februarie te invitam la Designers Spring -… Read More »Designers Spring

Free – 10RON

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