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Bucharest Coffee Week 2019

Tue, 14 May 2019 - Sun, 19 May 2019

Bucharest coffee week

Bucharest Coffee Week 2019

The first edition of the Bucharest Coffee Week will take place between May 14 and May 19. More than 30 events will be held, all in various locations, in order to give you the chance to know more about coffee through tastings, parties, workshops, talks, and other funny activities.

We promote the amazing job made by local coffee artisans, we aim to stimulate the community feeling, and we want to give you the opportunity to experience coffee in ways you never thought about before.

Here is the event list:

BCW 2019: Pre-opening – Aeropress Movie Screening & Drinks
MAY 13 Mon 8 PM @ FIX me a drink

BCW 2019: Coffee Cupping – Cascara Coffee Shop
MAY 14 Tue 8:30 AM @ Cascara Coffee Roastery

BCW 2019: Cops & Narcos having coffee
MAY 14 Tue 10 AM @ Narcoffee (Magheru)

BCW 2019: Cops & Narcos having coffee
MAY 14 Tue 10 AM @ Narcoffee (AFI Cotroceni, Bucharest)

BCW 2019: Coffee is on us
MAY 14 Tue 1 PM @ Utopia Coffee Bar

BCW 2019: Coffee Bloggers Summit
MAY 14 Tue 5:30 PM @ UrBarn

Bucharest Coffee Week 2019 Opening Party
MAY 14 Tue 8 PM @ BOB Coffee Lab

BCW 2019: Barista for a day
MAY 15 Wed 10 AM @ COFFEE UP

BCW 2019: Coffee is on us
MAY 15 Wed 2 PM @ Zissou Coffee Shop

BCW 2019: Coffee Incorporated & Battle of the Good
MAY 15 Wed 3 PM @ Koketerie

BCW 2019: Bucharest Talks #2 (coffee edition)
MAY 15 Wed 8:30 PM @ Coftale Coffee Shop

BCW 2019: Coffee Talk on Branding with Raluca Elena Rogoz
MAY 16 Thu 10 AM @ UrBarn

BCW 2019: Aeropress Champion introducing Australian Coffees
MAY 16 Thu 12 PM @ Dose Cafe

BCW 2019: Coffee is on us
MAY 16 Thu 2 PM @ MAD.GOAT Coffee Shop

BCW 2019: Man vs Machines Latte Art Party!
MAY 16 Thu 6 PM @ ArtHalle

BCW 2019: Coffee is on us
MAY 17 Fri 2 PM @ Coffee Shot

BCW 2019: Chilldown: Iced & Cold Coffee
MAY 17 Fri 4:30 PM @ Boiler Coffee Shop

BCW 2019: Cascara de cafe, a different cupping session
MAY 18 Sat 9:30 AM @ Saint Roastery Bucharest

BCW 2019: The Coffee Journey – From Farm to Cup
MAY 18 Sat 1:30 PM @ Saint Roastery Bucharest

BCW 2019: Madison Sensory Experience
MAY 18 Sat 3 PM @ MADISON-luxury perfumery

BCW 2019: Coffee Party
MAY 18 Sat 8 PM @ Casa M60


Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest Coffee Week
Zece La Rece

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