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feeder.ro EP / LP reviews column is the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive premieres, fresh releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks. Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music below.

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Lulla - Zandalar EP [Maru]

Lulla – Zandalar EP [Maru]

Lulla – Zandalar EP [Maru] Australian vinyl-only record label Maru returns with its second pressing, inviting the head of Cedesciu Wax and Miami-based artist Lulla…
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Peshka - Oriental [Koi Series] 01

Peshka – Oriental [Koi Series]

Peshka – Oriental [Koi Series] The third vinyl-only instalment coming up from Koi Series features two heavy minimal cuts signed by Ukrainian artist Peshka and…
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Priku feat. Dinu - ENDZ042 [Eastenderz]

Priku feat. Dinu – ENDZ042 [Eastenderz]

Since 2014, the London-based record label Eastenderz released 41 records together with an amazing group of artists like Floog, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu, Wickham, Nami, Doubtingthomas, Lizz, Viceversa, Arapu, VincentAdrian, Subb-An, Christian Burkhardt, Chris Stussy, Luuk Van Dijk, among…
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Mihai Pol - Pandora 04 LP

Mihai Pol – Pandora 04 LP

Mihai Pol announced his latest album, titled Pandora 04, the fourth LP of its series, which is independently released on Bandcamp by the artist. Pandora 04 contains four…
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Katrii - Reality [VRTN]

Katrii – Reality [VRTN]

Katrii is back on VRTN with an experimental, forward-thinking Techno release: Reality Reality’ by Katrii is an experimental, forward-thinking techno track, inspired by the allure…
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