Mike Savuica – Kcezyow(Woyzeck)

Mike Savuica - Kcezyow(Woyzeck)

The performance took 3.5 years to make.

It started out as my MA Diploma final exam and it turned into a performance that has broken various barriers.

It is now an international collaboration between The Jewish State Theatre Bucharest, Hyperion University Bucharest, NIPAI Berlin and Unfortunate Thespians.

After graduating a BA in London where the acting is focused on neck-up (thought, speech, eyes) I wanted to study an MA that was neck-down focusing on movement, and on psychological gesture. Kcezyow became a study about how to combine the two acting styles, bringing together the West, and the East.

The performance is multidisciplinary because of in depth study of painting combined with acting and choreography. The music has also been specially composed for the performance.

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