Peshka – Nevozvrat

Peshka - Nevozvrat

This track is the most symbolic for me, those who know where I come from immediately understand the message embedded in it, the title speaks for itself.

This is the original description of the track:

“In the context of recent events, it’s very difficult to make music without thinking about the next missile hitting my house, my second home in Dnipro. My home in Mariupol was destroyed by a Russian bombing 10 months ago, with a direct hit to my room. But I am gradually returning to the work of my life – music in all its manifestations.

Only the closest people know about it, but all my adult life I have lived with the idea that my birth was preceded by the First Chechen War. My father’s family emigrated from Grozny to Mariupol, where he met my mother.

In 2014, he volunteered for the ATO and returned a completely different person. Every time we sat in the kitchen, he would tell me the same thing. But at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to it. What he was talking about happened on February 24, 2022…”

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