P.I.X.E.L. – Reality isn’t Real

P.I.X.E.L. – Reality isn't Real

P.I.X.E.L. – Reality isn’t Real

This particular release is my latest and is keen on taking you to another dimension, influenced by the never ending evolution of everything around us, making us sometimes question reality in itself. Hoping for everyone to feel the levels of raw energy and intention, as well as the purest form of love that I have for music. 👾 Love, and presence, insanity, and essence, P.I.X.E.L.


With a strong passion for music grown since childhood, P.I.X.E.L. started her artistic career a long time ago, always exploring possibilities, going deep into the unknown and spreading her roots. Her style is a transposition of her feelings, experiments and visions, taking the audience further into a new story with each creation. With a combination of unique production sequences, carefully selected tracks and her distinct voice, even if you’re at your highest or lowest, she’ll definitely drop something to make you immerse yourself in the sounds and start drifting in seconds.. 


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