Oxytocin – Microbionic

Oxytocin - Microbionic

Within the universe, there is a miniverse, within the miniverse, there is the microverse, within the microverse… the microhouse was born

Empat aka Oxytocin was born and raised in Bucharest in the mid 90’s. Started producing when he was 20 years old when he already was influenced by all kind of genres and musical experiences. Had background as a percussionist and a lyricist before he started to go full into the producing experience. At the moment he has many alliases for the different projects that he’s working on, either in collaboration with other underground artists or just solo, Oxytocin being one of those alliases. The musical style approached can be very different from track to track, looking to have a more authentic and different approach.

“Empat is defining the fusion between the heavy-bass minimal sound and the micro-house influence, with a steady and raw bassline, rhyhms that emphasize his experimental approach. “

Artist URL:  https://www.instagram.com/empat_02/ / https://soundcloud.com/empat0202

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