Mattia Parisse – Brucaradici

Mattia Parisse - Brucaradici

Brucaradici (2022) Fixed media 9:04 min

“Brucaradici” is a piece for fixed media that explores the variation in the width of the meshes that create a sound mass. Moreover, through sound processing techniques based on iteration, it has been possible to “tame” the flow of these masses allowing the movement between the organic gestures of the latter and the digital one coming from the sound processing.

The result is a witness of the polymorphic sound potential: the material element is revealed through moments of microscopy of the voice modulated by augmentation dynamics triggered by the electronic and artificial control of digital sound processing.

The resulting new hybrid identity then takes the breath of a unique living organism that responds to the morphogenetic changes that its two natures impose on it. The Brucaradici seems to consider as the only possibility of existence: the activity of observation of its own evolution.

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