Buruiana Teodor – Closer to you

Buruiana Teodor - Closer to you

Closer to you”

The project “Closer to you” is an art installation based on LED light technology and interaction with the general public on the theme of personal comfort and time dilation when moving in public space. 

The need for this project brings transient and public spaces to the forefront, through people’s lack of satisfaction in terms of comfort. Time dilation is one of the themes highlighted in this project, but also the need for people to reach their destination in the proposed time, the desired comfort and the longing for personal or family space. 

A symbol of the above characteristics is the sofa, which offers the idea of family, comfort, close community, safety and warmth. Thus I have chosen to illustrate through my own technique of shaping iron in three-dimensional space with the help of LED lights, the design of the Chesterfield sofa, which has a long-lasting presence in history and is considered a luxurious element through the opulence of the materials used. 

We decided that this element should be realized in a minimalist style through a design-based perspective and with the help of led lights represent the themes and features highlighted above. 

People feel safe at home or in the place that gives them comfort, for this reason I believe that the proposed project has a strong impact on society, can support the resolution of the problems exposed and brings added value of the perceptual evolution about the future and how certain aspects keep the essence of practical things.

The project “Close to you” comes as a personal reflection and an invitation to the public towards personal space, family and loved ones. The warm light of the installation further amplifies the concept of the project and gives the audience an inner peace about any space that can be considered home. 

As a versatile concept, the installation can be placed in many contexts and illustrates a vision of the relationship between audience, art and space in the future.

I will attach a Google Drive link to see some photos of the project: 


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