Dj Alxs – Faceless Sound EP (incl. Mafia Tek remix) [FenixFire Records]

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Dj Alxs - Faceless Sound EP (incl. Mafia Tek remix) [FenixFire Records]

Dj Alxs – Faceless Sound EP (incl. Mafia Tek remix) [FenixFire Records]

FenixFire Records introduces a fresh yet familiar face with their latest release, “Faceless Sound” by Dj Alxs. Though new to the label, Dj Alxs is a well-known and respected figure in the Brussels nightlife scene. His latest EP encapsulates an old-school vibe updated to meet today’s standards, ensuring its versatility across various venues.

The title track, “Faceless Sound,” runs for 9:13 minutes, blending seamlessly from its perfectly crafted intro to a break that ignites the dance floor with its electrifying sound and vibe. Alongside the original, the EP includes a useful instrumental version that runs 9:13 minutes, which allows for creative integration into different sets.

To elevate the release further, two additional remixes are included. The “Mafia Tek Mix” offers a more intense, 6:17-minute reinterpretation, while the “Semi Dub Mix,” at 7:05 minutes, adds a deep, resonant twist. Each remix contributes to the EP’s dynamic range, ensuring that it raises the heat in any setting.

“Faceless Sound” is another groundbreaking release from FenixFire, solidifying the label’s reputation for being ahead of the curve in the electronic, downtempo, and indie dance scenes. Dj Alxs’s innovative approach and carefully curated remixes make this EP a standout addition to the label’s catalogue.

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