Trik – Real Good EP (Dragomir remix) [DRG Limited]

Trik - Real Good EP (Dragomir remix) [DRG Limited]

Trik – Ritardo (Dragomir remix) [DRG Limited]

The DRG Series record label has just launched an intriguing new release from Trik, titled “Real Good” featuring a remix by Dragomir. This vinyl record offers a unique exploration of sonic artistry, transcending electronic music and promising a captivating listening experience.

Titled “Real Good” EP, this is Trik‘s fourth vinyl release, showcasing a rhythmic fusion of house and techno. Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted for the dance floor, characterised by minimal yet impactful sound compositions and expressive vocals that create a distinctive atmosphere. Dragomir‘s remix is a standout feature of the EP, which infuses pulsating beats and mesmerising melodies, elevating the EP to new sonic heights.

Based in Bucharest, Trik is a DJ and producer rapidly gaining recognition in the underground electronic music scene for his catchy beats and innovative soundscapes. He is the driving force behind G90 Records, a label and studio dedicated to exploring new musical styles and sharing his vision with the world.
G90 Records, founded during a transformative period in Romania, aims to revitalise underground electronic music. Named Generatia ’90, the label captures the energy of a time marked by a clash of old and new ideas, promoting emerging and potentially unknown artists and their unique sounds.

Trik continues to significantly impact the underground electronic music scene by releasing tracks and collaborating with artists worldwide. His music consistently leaves a lasting impression.

The latest premiere on feeder sound highlights Dragomir‘s unique interpretation of the B2 track. His remix of “Ritardo” transforms the original track into a captivating blend of fragmented beats, eerie atmospheres and gritty glitches, contributing to the distinctive sound of the DRG Series.

Mastering for this release was handled by Dragutesku at DRG Mastering, ensuring top-notch audio quality for both vinyl and digital formats.

Real Good EP is out, and you can save your record at

Artists: Trik & Dragomir
Label: DRG Series
Cat no: DRGL003
Title: Real Good EP
Release Date: 14.06.2024
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Mastering: Dragutesku at DRG Mastering

Trik - Real Good EP (Dragomir remix) [DRG Limited]

Trikinstagram, soundcloud
Generația 90 Records: instagram, bandcamp
DRG Limited: facebook, instagram, soundcloud

Words by: ubic & nwt

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