Yulio – Symphonies from the Retrofuture LP [kraftoptical]

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Yulio - Symphonies from the Retrofuture LP [kraftoptical]

Yulio returns with his sixth studio album, “Symphonies from the Retrofuture,” a sonic journey that delves into humanity’s internal struggle as it grapples with new ways of using technology to visualize our present and near future. This album is a vivid representation of retrofuturism—a concept that blends past visions of the future with our current reality, creating a continuous narrative that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

From the outset, the album immerses listeners in synthetic voyages that offer a genuine glimpse into the future. Various waveforms throughout the tracks provide an array of cosmic sensations, each painting a different picture of the retro-futuristic landscape.

Among these, Pulp stands out for its slightly more electro sound while maintaining a lounge essence, making it a track that is unique and true to the album’s overall aesthetic. Each track in this album is carefully crafted to evoke different aspects of a retrofuturistic vision, seamlessly blending electronic, experimental, IDM, and space music genres.

Symphonies from the Retrofuture is available on all major music platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Beatport, DJtunes.com, Deezer, YouTube, Xbox Music, and Juno Download.

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