Danilo Schneider & Eveline Fink – Logical Consequence EP [Enough! Music]

Danilo Schneider & Eveline Fink – Logical Consequence EP [Enough! Music]

We are delighted to present and celebrate the latest release from Enough! Music. This time from the label heads themselves, Danilo Schneider and Eveline Fink

Get ready to experience the sheer power of music. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and mesmerising melodies of Enough! Music label’s catalogue number 40 that will take you on an unforgettable sound journey. 

This Logical Consequence EP is a testament to the unique energy and musical passion that have been Danilo Schneider and Eveline Fink‘s constant companions over the years.

Swiss musician Eveline Fink has been a dedicated enthusiast of the electronic music scene since 1997. Over the years, she has evolved as a DJ and an event organiser. In 2003, Eveline founded the minimal designer collective, providing a platform for like-minded artists and hosting stylish and engaging events. Since 2007, she relocated to Berlin to further absorb herself in music, drawing inspiration from the past, present, and future. In 2011, Eveline Fink released her first EP, “Hula Hoop,” on Enough! Music emphasises her musical creativity, followed by a long series of releases and remixes on Girlz on Wax, Indepth MusicRec, RA+RE Records, Pulsar Music and What Came First.

She’s constantly driven to pursue and bring new projects to life. Eveline’s intense passion for music is evident in her powerful yet feminine character.

Danilo Schneider is a German DJ and producer known for his underground electronic music scene activity, especially as the co-curator of quality sounds through ENOUGH! MUSIC and collaboration with other labels such as Brouqade, Highgrade Records, Tip Tap, Invade Records, Kina Music, Metroline LTD, Whyostro, Cervidae Recordings, Fantastic Frie,nds, Traumraum and others.

Founded in 2010 in Berlin, Germany, ENOUGH! MUSIC is a label dedicated to electronic, house and techno music. It was f. They previously released albums, in digital and vinyl format, with music by artists such as Guido Schneider, Dana Ruh, Marc Miroir, Plusculaar, Ilario Liburni, Daniel Dreier, Tom Clark, Oana Leca, Eveline Fink, Basti GrubSascha DiveSaktuDubphoneEntoniu & Agape, and Digitaline to name a few.

The track “Road To Nowhere” is exclusively premiered on feeder sound, and you can enjoy listening to it at full length! 🔊

“The EP Logical Consequence, in particular, the track Road To Nowhere, reflects a little on the last few years. They were full of ups and downs.

There was neither a clear path nor a specific goal. The logical consequence was not to stop or give up but to continue and not lose one’s head. Out of this lack of direction, without knowing where we were going or what we wanted to achieve, we found the strength to sit in the studio and produce music. This resulted in the track’ Road To Nowhere’. Music is our daily companion and makes our day happier. It can positively influence our mood, comfort us, and support us in various life situations. The power of music lies in the fact that it can trigger emotions and transport us to another world, which helps us to feel more relaxed.”

Danilo Schneider and Eveline Fink

Logical Consequence EP is out, and you can save your copy at Beatport or Bandcamp.

Artists: Danilo Schneider & Eveline Fink 
Label: Enough! Music
Cat no: EMD40
Title: Logical Consequence EP
Release Date: 14.06.2024
Format: Digital

Eveline Finksoundcloud / instagram / facebook / eveline-fink.com
Danilo Schneider on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / danilo-schneider.com
Enough! Musicbandcamp / beatport

Words by: ubic & nwt

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