premiere: BRYZ – Re Maj [Esențe Records]

feeder sound premiere Bryz - 40 la umbra EP

feeder sound premiere: BRYZ – Re Maj [Esențe Records]

Today’s feeder sound premiere is from Bryz, an enigmatic figure in local and international underground electronic music scenes. BRYZ, whose real name is Emanuel Coman, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. He found inspiration in jazz and blues, combined with electronic music. His producing career began as a hobby in 2009. Since then, he has had numerous performances and releases and has worked with various imprints, including Verum, Rhizome, Zebra Records, Obaidli, Unic, Tzinah, Bread And Butter Recordings, Need For Sound, Vandalism Black Series, Concept Records, Welter, Samani, and his label, Esente Records.

He has performed at various festivals and events, including Studio 338 in London, Picnic Fonic, Holiday Mood, Maraton, Sunrise Hub, Bipolar, Stump London, Duboka, Pisica Paris, Meduza, Desoner Bali, Afterhills, and many more.

40 La Umbra” is a sonic journey through the peaks and valleys of human experience, encapsulated in three distinct tracks that each tell their unique story.

I’ve Got” kicks off the EP with an energetic and uplifting vibe. This track is all about self-empowerment and the drive to push forward despite obstacles. With catchy melodies and a dynamic beat, it captures the essence of resilience and determination. It’s a song that speaks to the inner strength we all possess, a perfect anthem for those moments when you need a boost of confidence.

Re Maj” shifts the mood to a more reflective and contemplative space. This track explores themes of reflection and personal growth, delving into the complexities of life’s major decisions. With its rich harmonies and poignant lyrics, “Re Maj” invites listeners to ponder their journeys and the pivotal moments that shape who we are. It’s a piece that resonates deeply, encouraging a thoughtful and reflective listening experience.

The title track, “40 La Umbra”, brings the EP to a robust and evocative conclusion. This song captures the intensity and heat of life’s most challenging moments. With its atmospheric soundscapes and compelling rhythms, it paints a vivid picture of perseverance under pressure. It’s a track that embodies the raw and unfiltered emotions of facing adversity head-on, leaving listeners with a sense of catharsis and resolve.

“40 La Umbra” EP is out and you can download your copy on Bandcamp

BRYZ: facebook, instagram soundcloud, bandcamp

Artists: PBRYZ
Title: 40 la umbră EP
Label: Esențe Records
Release date: 7.03.2024
Format: digital

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