feeder sound 428 mixed by ZYA (rec at SW32)

feeder sound 428 mixed by ZYA (rec at SW32)

feeder sound 428 mixed by ZYA (rec at SW32)

Hello, feeders and music enthusiasts! Welcome to a new episode of the feeder sound series. We are delighted to present a unique set recently recorded by Zya at the 32nd edition of the Sunwaves festival.

Zya, originally from Romania and now an active figure in Bucharest’s underground music scene, is a passionate DJ with a promising career. She describes herself as “a curious and exploratory digger,” ensuring that each set takes listeners on a captivating journey.
Zya’s music ranges from sharp, precise sounds to groovy house rhythms and trippy, energising techno, instantly connecting with her audience. Her performances reflect her sensitivity, empathy, and determination, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Zya’s fascination with the endless novelty and choices in the music universe drives her ongoing exploration and evolution. She has already performed at renowned clubs like Guest House, Grădina Monteoru, Platforma Wolff, and Supermarket. Her outstanding performances at the 3 Smoked Olives, Epizode, and Sunwaves marked significant milestones in her career.

“I was freezing… and generally do not react well to cold! But the music is so powerful that, one way or another, it brings warmth to our souls. 
I am the kind of DJ who tries to fit the context, and daytime slots offer much freedom to explore. Here is one proposal for a mid-day slot on the 7th, the fest’s last day. Thank you, Sunwaves Fest!”


Join us on a captivating journey with Zya’s set, featuring seamless transitions between minimal, house, electro, and breaks, filled with endless energy and depth.

Zya on InstagramSoundCloud, Facebook, Bandcamp

Words by Cristina & Andrei

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