premiere: Odette – Deep Down and Closely [VDKDGTL]

feeder sound premiere: Odette - Deep Down and Closely [VDKDGTL]

feeder sound premiere: Odette – Deep Down and Closely [VDKDGTL]

Join the weekend vibe with the latest musical release from Dutch DJ and producer Odette on her digital imprint VDKDGTL. The track “Deep Down and Closely” showcases an immersive soundscape and a passion for grooves and breaks that recall the ‘90s/‘00s IDM.

Drawing inspiration from Amsterdam’s underground music scene, Odette‘s tracks have gained support from esteemed record labels, including Save my memory, Bauns, Still Play Records, Deep Tech Records, Depth Over Distance, Saint and Don’t, Heisenberg, Stay Random Natasha, Moss Co., Kindisch, Margate, Soundterrasse, Denise Records, Rewire, Tip Tap Records, and more recently, OGE white.

The track starts with a minimal breakbeat, punctuated by synth sounds before the cavernous bass takes over the listener. I integrated chilling, hauntological vocal snippets into the track, reminding the listener of something they can’t quite place. It’s a perfect fit for the darker dance floors.


Through “Deep Down and Closely,” Odette takes listeners on a unique sonic journey, immersing them in pulsating rhythms and infectious grooves that have become synonymous with her sound. With each release, Odette continues to explore new sonic territories, pushing the envelope and ensuring that her music remains at the forefront of the electronic music landscape.

The track Deep Down and Closely is available on Bandcamp.

Artists: Odette
Title: Deep Down and Closely
Cat. number: VDKDGTL
Release date: 10.05.2024
Format: Digital
Mastering: RV Master

Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

Listen to feeder sound 328 mixed by Odette

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