Rasmus Faber – Where Light Touches EP – [Farplane Records]

Rasmus Faber - Where Light Touches EP - [Farplane Records]

Rasmus Faber ‘Where Light Touches’ EP, A NIMA Story LP – [Farplane Records]

Renowned Swedish composer, producer, DJ, and pianist Rasmus Faber has released his first ambient/neo-classical album, ‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story], and what a stunning body of work it is!  Inspired by and created in collaboration with Los Angeles illustrator Ross Tran (RossDraws), the album serves as an audio interpretation of Tran’s acclaimed book, ‘NIMA’. Crafted to provide an immersive listening experience, Rasmus Faber paints vivid audio landscapes with delicate melodies, blending emotive pianos, soothing strings, and sophisticated electronica. The album, recorded along with a full orchestra in Stockholm and mixed in Atmos surround sound, seamlessly fuses classical and contemporary electronic elements. The result is something quite extraordinary and beautiful, a real gift for the senses.

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