feeder insider w/ Iuly.B unveiling Dimensions LP on Adam’s Bite

feeder insider interview with Iuly.B unviling Dimensions LP

Read this exclusive feeder insider interview with Iuly.B, as we dive deep into the genesis of this transformative musical voyage as he unveils his debut album titled Dimensions, released on Adam’s Bite. Iuly.B shares the inspiration behind the intricate process of bringing his vision to life, from the serendipitous inception of the LP to its meticulously crafted sonic tapestry. 

In addition, Iuly.B talks about his future musical endeavours and reflects on timeless records that have shaped his artistic journey while anticipating his upcoming DJ set at Sunwaves. 

feeder.roHi, Iulian, and welcome to feeder insider interview series. It is a pleasure to talk with you about the release of your first album, Dimensions, on Adam’s Bite. Is there a backstory to the making of this project you can share with us? What inspired it, and how would you describe it?

Iuly.B: Hello, and thank you for the invitation to this interview. The story of my debut album started to take shape after connecting all the dots before choosing the tracks to send as demos to Adam’s Bite. 

Initially, my thinking was to submit around ten tracks so Adrian (A&R of the label) could choose some of them for an EP. His feedback was better than expected because he proposed I release all of them as an album, which sounded like a great idea since I desired this for a while but had not planned it properly.

After changing and adding some tracks,

the final album consists of 11 tracks, made between 2021 and late 2023, in a normal routine of expressing my feelings through music, trying different techniques and ideas, along many other projects.

The time when I decided to submit most of the tracks to Adam’s Bite was important because they were somehow connected, and Adrian felt this. 

fWe have been following your music for a long time now. Could you tell us about your journey in electronic music, when you began and what drove you to start making music and DJing?

Iuly.B: My journey began in 2011 with Richie Hawtin‘s M_nus series, which sparked my enthusiasm for the minimal wave.

The simplicity of this sound deepened my understanding of track elements and arrangement, laying a strong foundation for my musical exploration. Romania’s vibrant musical scene further fueled my passion, offering numerous parties and talented artists to inspire me. Through study and experimentation, I have gradually crafted my unique sound within the areas of house and techno.

fHow has the album been received so far? 

Iuly.B: The promo campaign was well organised, and I am humbled to mention nice words and support from Raresh, Priku, Janeret, Tobi Neumann, Cosmin TRG, Sasha, Terry Francis, Rich Nxt, Archie Hamilton, Laurent Garnier, Jorge Savoretti.

fWhat were some of the pieces of equipment you used to make this album? Do you have any notable synthesizers or drum machines, or do you mostly work on the computer?

Iuly.B: I am focused on doing my best in the box, using Reason 12 as the main DAW, which is a powerful software with everything I need from samples, sequencers, and synths. I control most of the instruments with a large MIDI keyboard Novation 61sl-mk3. The special sounds to mention in my contribution to this album are some vocal samples from movies or even from some computer games, which I have found interesting.

Iuly.B at sunwaves festival sw32

fWhat does the future hold for you after the release of this album, do you already have more releases planned and any tour dates where people can see you DJ?

Iuly.B: I am looking forward to playing at Sunwaves festival (SW32) since this is my most desired gig to play, and it is synced nicely with my first album. New music is already finished, and I am planning to release more of it, in the near future.

fWhat is one record in your collection that never leaves your record bag?

Iuly.B: There are some records I am always counting on, and one of them is Pop Out And Play – Can U Hear Shapes?

fWhat is one of your favourite records to listen to before going to the club? 

Iuly.B: I am always listening to my recent playlists, especially the ones made for a specific night, so I can know the key moments and vibes in each track.

fWhat is one record outside of electronic music that holds a special place in your heart?

Iuly.BMaxence Cyrin – Modern Rhapsodies is a nice and special albumAll the tracks are piano interpretations of well-known music, and they get you through various states and feelings. It is also a good way to appreciate and understand the art of playing the piano.

fLastly, what is your favourite track from your debut album? 

Iuly.B: I have dedicated my heart to creating a complete listening journey, making sure every moment from start to finish is a delight. And to make the experience smoother, I will release a set where all the tracks flow seamlessly together. 

Picking a favourite track is tough, but I must mention the 5th one, Ronnie’s Squat, for its infectious bassline and energy level.

Dimensions LP is out on Adam‘s Bite. Get your copy on Beatport

IULY.B: facebook, instagram soundcloud, bandcamp

Adam‘s Bite: website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, bandcamp

Words by Jordan, Cristina & Andrei

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