Mental Picks Vol. 44 [Expmental Records]

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Mental Picks Vol. 44 [Expmental Records]

Mental Picks Vol. 44 [Expmental Records]

As the seasons change, so does the sound of Expmental Records, which delivers yet another compelling entry into its storied Mental Picks series. With ‘Mental Picks Vol.44‘, the label continues to navigate the intricate realms of minimal groove, this time infused with an evocative house touch, courtesy of a selection of artists who are both seasoned and innovative.

Kicking off the compilation is Micronode (Eddy Romero & Maertz), marking a return with a track that melds rhythmic intricacies with a house sensibility. The result is a layered piece that serves as a testament to the project’s unfolding narrative – a soundscape that is as hypnotic as it is groove-laden.

From the core of the underground comes a collaboration that bends the mind: Blu.a alongside Oscar Bohorquez. Together, they deliver a cerebral cut that traverses the far corners of minimalism, etched with a message that resonates deep within the underground ethos.

Closing out the volume is the collaborative effort from label head Eddy Romero and UK-based artist Mica. Following releases on esteemed imprints such as Bondage Music, this track concludes their current series with a flourish – a synthesis of tight minimal beats and rich, enveloping grooves that seals ‘Mental Picks Vol.44‘ with indelible flair.

This collection not only stands as a beacon for musical purveyors of the minimal and house genres but also sets the stage for the upcoming third release of the year, which promises to slow down the tempo and infuse even more electronic elements, for a downtempo journey into experimental sound territories.

Expmental Records invites you to immerse in ‘Mental Picks Vol.44‘ – a carefully curated soundscape for those who seek to experience the avant-garde of electronic music.

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