DerAlinea – Lady Blackbird EP (Bandcamp)

DerAlinea - Lady Blackbird EP (Bandcamp)

House is a feeling“, says DerAlinea, part of Sven Tasnadi’s “Headfire” Showcase next to Artists like Steve Bug, Daniel Stefanik, Jill Tanner and more, and “that is definitely a lifestyle for me. It’s a good form of expression, you can hear it very clearly: a lot of pain and suffering is processed in a beautiful way and brought together again in such a way that you feel a community, a cohesion. FILL ME IN is not a love song, this is a sonnet for all my soul sisters and brothers who lost love”.

Mike Banks once said “rich people don’t make funky music” and I think there’s a lot to that. You just notice that there is a lot of soul in it when people create something that comes from a certain depth. LADY BLACKBIRD shows the flexibility across both house and techno, armed with dirty kicks, and a classic 90s rave inspired chord, this takes us all back to the dance floor motherland.

TECHNIQUE is a practice in circling around a revered style from just enough distance to land on something entirely new. It’s a tension-filled dancefloor monster with enough energy to power a small town. It’s also strikingly minimalist, relying mainly on a familiar hip-hop vocal to drive the rhythmic madness. It’s a special vibe that this hybrid offshoot gives off, and not surprisingly, it works remarkably well!

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