feeder sound 402 mixed by Toguè

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feeder sound 402 mixed by Togue 001

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series, we invite Italian artist Toguè to deliver the proper vibes for the upcoming weekend.

Creative and always careful with details, Antonio Guerrieri aka Toguè is always looking for new musical horizons and unique experiences that unite him with the people on the dancefloor. Based in Pescara, Italy, he manages the well-known record label Re.Face Records, as well as its side ventures Re.Face Limited and Koi Series. Here, aside from his own works, he collaborated with some of the most influential artists from the underground electronic music scene, such as Peshka, Core, Liro, RWN, Nektar Agu, Vern, Cerec, Los Bastoneros, Direkt, Dani Labb, Jacobo Saavedra and Jemmi, among many others.

Throughout time, Toguè explored various styles and genres, from ambient to minimal techno and microhouse. In addition to the numerous releases on his labels, he also dispatched some of his productions with Subtil, Animae LTD, Micronica, Havalon, Meoko and Kina Music.

“The set was recorded during the night of March 23rd at the renowned Golden Gate in Berlin. It has been a lovely spring day full of those Berlin vibes. I played alongside my talented friends and artists Noha and Alex Tea for their Panick Panick night and we ended up in a b2b2b too! So much fun!”


feeder sound 402 mixed by Toguè kicks off with a chilled mood and constantly grows in intensity, evolving into an immersive selection, focused on both deep and driving tracks. The alternation creates smooth breathing moments, taking the listener into introspective states of mind as well as energetic shakes. Enjoy with the volume up!

Recently we started an editorial series featuring the most inspiring record labels out there focused on releasing ROminimal and micROhouse music. Find out more from Part 1 and Part 2 and keep an eye out for the third, coming soon.

Toguè on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / Re.Face Records
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Words by AndreiB

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