Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – ‘Dagid Part II’ EP [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf - 'Dagid Part II' EP [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf drops timeless deep tech EP, ‘Dagid Part II’

Bringing a deep tech release with four original tracks to his record label Hummingbird by BPZ, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf makes a comeback.

The EP has a retro feel because of its analogue sounds and unpolished production. The EP’s jazz-inspired notation and deep pads weave a tapestry of sound with the gritty drum machine beats, evoking a sound reminiscent of classic house and techno from Chicago and Detroit.

Most of Benjamin Philippe Zulauf‘s music has been released on the Hummingbird by BPZ platform, but he has also put tracks and remixes out via other imprints including Claap Rec, Vekton Black, and Fourier Transform.

Le King Charbon” is the first track on the album and it features rich percussion and dreamy melodies that are uplifted by light pads. Built on the foundation of poignant pads, “Subtly Vibing” has distorted vocals that give it a trippy soundscape. Distorted sounds wash over a threatening acid line and energetic percussion rhythms in “Exit Reality” and “Honkytonks” finish the release with improvised notation that sits under compelling pads.

It’s a well-produced release that finds the perfect sweet spot between gritty analogue sound and the polished smoothness of modern production.

You can buy the release HERE.

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