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feeder sound 400 mixed by Backsvart article

Today we’re more than delighted to present milestone mix number 400 in our ongoing podcast series which started 9 years ago. 🥳 For this special occasion, we invite Swedish artist Bäcksvart to deliver a taste of his own productions.

Born in Sweden’s electronically rich capital of Stockholm, DJ, producer and label founder Fredrik Bäck aka Bäckvart has been showcasing his versatility in the studio and behind the decks for more than 10 years now. A resident at NEU, with regular appearances at Copenhagen’s iconic Culture Box and Berlin’s Sisyphos, his growth as a key figure in the underground electronic music scene has come via a wealth of aliases and projects across multiple genres, from minimal under Zlene to old school house and techno under Patagonia, with support from artists like Mihai Popoviciu, Silat Beksi, Andre Galluzzi, Per Hammar and Dana Ruh, to name just a few.

For today, he lays down a mix showcasing his latest album “Ice Breakers” released via his imprint Seaweed Records, along with other tracks, edits and remixes. The LP explores and merges different styles and vibes within the temple of house music, bringing forward 9 tracks, including collaborations with label regulars Simon Kiisk and Mathias Hinds as well as his wife under the alias Tinjo. Grab your copy from Bandcamp and enjoy the ride!

“I wanted to put down a set merging my Bäcksvart and Zlene aliases. Classic house and minimal house play so well together and it’s fun playing around with your old tracks and the newly cocked. It’s also a bit like the album “Ice Breakers” itself, starting on the dancefloor, taking you into the nature and open-air vibes and then slowing down to the chilled afterhours. Hope you enjoy the album and the set, cheerios!”


feeder sound 400 mixed by Bäcksvart reveals a rich and impressive collection of tracks that represent both his production skills as well as the energy of the Seaweed Records family as a collective at the heart of Stockholm’s electronic music scene. Merging and blurring the lines between traditional genres, the sound draws inspiration from unique locations, from the fast rate of the city to the wilderness of the North. Adjust the volumes of your speakers and enjoy with the volume up.

1. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Astrid Lejonhjärta (Original Mix)
2. Zlene – Boop (Bäcksvart n2o edit)
3. Bäcksvart – Lee Hooker Tribute (Original Mix)
4. Bäcksvart & Mathias Hinds – Ayu (Original Mix)
5. Zlene – God of Dreams (Original Mix)
6. Zlene – Tanjas Tail (Original Mix)
7. Zlene & Mathias Hinds – Djup Trolling (Original Mix)
8. Bäcksvart – Drowning (Original Mix)
9. Bäcksvart – Spaceship Hop (Original Mix)
10. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Olga (Original Mix)
11. Zlene & Simon Kiisk – TP jazz (Original Mix)
12. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Grateful (Original Mix)
13. Zlene & Kalkyl – Chordlaten (Original Mix)
14. Yoba – City Breakers (Zlene & Kalkyl remix)
15. Yoba – Cosmos (Bäcksvart Remix)
16. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Cinematic Transitions (Original Mix)
17. Bäcksvart – At Sea (Original Mix)
18. Bäcksvart – Elsa in the sky (Original Mix)
19. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Vivaldis Spring-flod (re-interpreted Mix)

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Bäcksvart on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp / Seaweed Records
feeder sound on soundcloud | youtube | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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