Getting To Know… KELLINI

Getting To Know... KELLINI

f: How did you first get into making music?

KELLINI: I downloaded a cracked version of Reason 1 in 1999 on my dad’s computer, just to have fun and try out things. And I´ve been using Reason since.

f: What was the first dance record you bought?

KELLINI: The first dance record was KLF ‘The White Room’ and I listened to it for months.

f: How would you describe your sound?

KELLINI: My earlier releases had a lot of disco elements to it, but I wanted to try out more electronic sounds and evolve as a producer. Learn new ways to get a tighter, punchy and bigger sound. And music wise, what happens happens.

f: Who were your musical influences and did they have an impact on your sound today?

KELLINI: As a kid I was a big Genesis fan, because of Phil and his drums. I listen to dance music, pop, trance and all kinds of music. I´ve always been interested in how they make their music. So I guess I´ve been inspired by a lot of genres and musicians.

f: What’s the story behind your name?

KELLINI: In an earlier day job I took care of an older man who came from Somalia, and he couldn’t pronounce my name, so he called me Kellini. He didn’t speak Norwegian or English, but we found ways to communicate. The Kellini name stuck with me and became my producer/dj name.

f: What was your first release?

KELLINI: My first track is called In & Out, released on my friends label Walking Disco.

f: What has been your most successful release?

KELLINI: It’s a track called ‘Same Same But Different’. It’s a collaboration with Lasse Saurbrey aka Lazy K on guitar. We made a three track EP released on Ism Records.

f: You’ve 2 fantastic releases coming up, ‘Garden Work’ and ‘In Between EP’ on Hot Groovers, what can we expect to hear?

KELLINI: You can expect some deep grooves, punchy baselines and melodic house.

f: You’ve been largely known for producing Nu Disco and Electronica until recently, how did the shift to producing more toucher electronica come about, and where do you see your sound heading in the future?

KELLINI: The goal is to just have fun with music, I don’t want to be constrained by different rules that determine what You can’t do or do. I’ve wanted to try out new sounds and techniques, and these two releases reflect that.

f: What piece of studio kit is crucial for the KELLINI sound?

KELLINI: I´ve used the Diva synth from U-HE alot on these two releases, I have a small setup and I only use software and a midi keyboard. I´ve been focused on getting the right sound and how to make it sound like I wanted it to sound.

f: You’re based in Norway, how is the scene over there right now, and which other Norwegian talent should we be on the look out for?

KELLINI: The scene is growing each year and there’s a lot of new talent. Third Attempt is one to follow in the years to come. He constantly releases new music.

f: What has been your most memorable gig so far? And where are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

KELLINI: A small and intimate forest festival last summer was incredible. I got invited to play at the Extra Delicious event by Safira Olsen and Andy Lund last summer. It’s an open air event in a park in Oslo. Looking forward to playing there this year too. 

f: Who are your 3 favourite current producers?

KELLINI: Always a tricky question – Forty Cats, Doyeq and Space Food.

f: What else are you working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

KELLINI: I’m working on new music, I don’t have any exact plans for anything. Just having fun. Whatever happens, happens.

KELLINI ‘Garden Work’ and ‘In Between EP’ will be released on Beatport Exclusive May 12th / Full release May 26th 2023 on HOT GROOVERS.


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