Hét Hat Club – Wibble Wabble


Hét Hat Club is back with a special folk album

Hét Hat Club was born in the Budapest underground, where ruin bar art punks, international vagabonds, and folk dance maniacs met. As common street musicians, various formations of Hét Hat traveled through Europe, North, Central and South America. Their sound has gathered favorite elements of rhythm and style to bring back to the modern Hungarian Karpat-Balkan folk songs. The front man Kjartan sings original and traditional songs in english, hungarian, romanian, spanish, turkish, romani. Their musical style is being called Gyp-Hop, Maneleton, Turbo folk jazz lautareasca.

Party is a form of art and can happen anywhere with the VII VI Club on an Island Festival on the Danube, In a Russian house party, on the terrace of a café in Aix-en-Provence France, on the streets of Zurich, In the Painter’s Palace of Budapest, In an LGBT retirement house in San Francisco, in a world music festival in Romania, in a Balkan wedding in Poitier, in a horse ranch in Chile. We are an International travelling band based out of Budapest. Digging into the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s Balkan Roma Gypsy Turkish Transylvanian Folk but also from Jazz, Hip Hop and Latin culture. Active for the past 5 years the band was formed by individual traveling street musicians who serendipitously met in Budapest and decided to pursue this project due to their common passion for music, and travels.

Wibble Wabble is an extension of the previous Hét Hat Club album. The goal was re-working and combining old balko-carpathian music to fit the psychedelic festival stages. Wibble Wabble has a deeper focus on the Hungarian folk experience; writing lyrics (EN/HU) to match.

“Wibble Wabble is a dance that we will soon have a music video to show you how. We seek to add new style, feeling and lyrics to traditional music. This album focused on new lyric writing in English and Hungarian. Translations, some exploring the same subject and other reinventing the song lyrics. The point is to make fusion that does not feel forced, but naturally bring the traditional folk to the modern festival stage. We experiment with rap, hip hop, latin, African, middle eastern rhythms. Jazz/neo soul chords. As live performers we have much more experience on the stage than the studio. With this album we tried to focus on studio quality while maintaining a live feel.”

– said the eclectic international collective about their new album.

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