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feeder sound 398 mixed by Terrence Terry 001

After recently being our guest for the exclusive premieres column, Terence :Terry: returns with a steaming selection perfect for the upcoming weekend.

From underground raves in Paris to a few wild years in London and now Madrid, Terence :Terry: has definitely left his mark wherever he chose to stay, engulfing himself in the local electronic music scenes in order to make people dance and rejoice. Always seeking something new, he often combines different genres into his sets, playing with anything from house, acid house, deep house, techno, minimal, breakbeat, jazz, funk and even hip-hop. His productions follow the same kind of patterns so you can expect the unexpected with each release.

In 2012 Terence felt it was time to launch his own label La Vie En Rose, quite simply to have a dedicated platform to experiment with sound and bring forward top-quality works from himself as well as other artists, such as Rafael Murillo, John Dimas, Acid Mondays, Jerome Pacman and Shatalov, to name just a few. Aside from his releases here he also collaborated with Rawbeats Records, Parliamnt, Melodeum, 20:20 Vision, Robsoul Recordings, Freak n’ Chic and Real Tone, among others. From his studio in Madrid, he’s also giving a masterclass about sound theories and mixing, helping rising talents in their development and artistic career.

“I always try to put myself in an afterparty mood for the podcast I record during the day, not to stay too linear (more fun) and I can’t do it basically. In this one, I used a lot of old vinyl records, the sound of Paris in early 2000 as you might guess. Where I came from. I added some more modern jams, from the next generation of producers the creativity is high and there are plenty of incredible synthetic and ravy sounds. I really enjoyed it, it made me pause with studio production and masterclass.”

Terence :Terry:

feeder sound 398 mixed by Terence :Terry: delivers a steaming sound flavoured with uplifting cuts, rare gems and inspiring edits, so adjust the volume of your speakers, put on your dancing shoes and step into the weekend vibes with style. Enjoy!

The Un-hidden Romania project expanded with a new artistic intervention by Italian artist Mister Thoms, with the support of Romexpo. Here’s an interview and more photos from the event.

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Words by AndreiB

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