Hangar Beatz presents Telurika’s “Earth & Mars Dance EP” + Ches, Cosmo Lopez, Cabi & Miguel Puente

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Hangar Beatz presents Telurika's "Earth & Mars Dance EP" + Ches, Cosmo Lopez, Cabi & Miguel Puente

After some hard work and time Hangar Beatz presents his debut Release for the Label with Telurika‘s Earth & Mars Dance EP, with the companion of some friends and great artists like Ches, Cosmo Lopez, Cabi & Miguel Puente.

Earth & Mars Dance EP” is about the cosmic dance happening on the universe, The sun, Earth and the planets intertwine en perfect synchrony a cosmic dance dominated by gravity & time. All life on earth is influenced by this cycles within cycles that determine our heart beat, the seasons of the year, what time you wake up & sleep or why some life will appear in some regions of earth at a specific time
From the cosmic Dance to the Dance floor.

Out on Hangar Beatz Records on April the 10th, don’t miss it!

About Hangar Beatz

Born as a series of Electronic Audiovisual events with a strong visual experience. Focus on Future Dub, Electro & Acid sounds. Elegant sounds in order to dance or to chill out.
Emphasizes on the Visual Artwork & Musical Concept.
Hangar Beatz will be focus on Vinyl format and the support of incoming artists and unknown talent worldwide.



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