feeder sound 390 mixed by Mihai Popescu (own productions)

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feeder sound 390 mixed by Mihai Popescu (own productions)

This episode of our ongoing podcast series invites local artist Mihai Popescu to take us on a special and inspiring sonic adventure crafted with his fingerprint sound we all love and enjoy on the dancefloor.

With almost a decade of successful endeavours in both local and international electronic music scenes under his belt, Romanian DJ and producer Mihai Popescu always delivered a unique sound, carefully crafted with spiralling atmospheres and sizzling textures, swinging drumming patterns, twisted effects and driving rhythms that work for both the afterhours and peak-time selections at any party.

Throughout time, Mihai Popescu released most of his works under various aliases such as MP, Aquaphresca, Schroepfer Pollet and T. Gavroche on labels like Metereze, Rora, Purism, Mulen and Steppin’ Motion Records, including his own playgrounds Soulsity and the freshly founded Provincha. We must not forget about his epic collaborations with Sublee and Cristi Cons as part of the Marsomatic700 and South Side projects.

“I recorded this set at home in the UK and it contains the music I’ve been working on for the last 15 months. At least one or more tracks will be released on vinyl in the near future. Here, the music has a more spontaneous character rather than being sophisticated, that’s what always interested me, the raw side of expression. And that was one of the reasons why I chose those tracks for the mix. The set is ​​a little unconventional as it starts with the end, laying out solid rhythms when it kicks off, only to become mellow along the way. What I wanted to express is that music has no beginning and no end, it’s pure living. It’s there, or it’s not… I composed the set from tracks I made at different times of the year yet they all have the same feeling. Each piece came out different but the state of mind that I had when I made them was somehow the same, honest expression.”

Mihai Popescu

feeder sound 390 mixed by Mihai Popescu features the artist’s live experiments in the studio, as all the cuts were recorded on the fly and remain unreleased, except for two tracks smoothly included in this session, “Empty Fulfilled” and “Breakfast“, the second being taken from his latest vinyl release, “Provincha EP“, released on his new eponymous record label. Expect an immersive and engaging musical journey assembled with swinging microhouse rhythms and textures designed with his distinct cosmic funky style. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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