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feeder sound 389 mixed by The13 01

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series we invite The13 to deliver the proper weekend vibes, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride.

Hailing from Tehran, the capital city of Iran, Pourya aka The13 is an upcoming DJ and producer with a strong passion for electronic music in all its shapes and colours. Having the tense political and social climate in the country in mind, it’s easy to understand that’s very difficult for electronic music lovers to gather and celebrate, let alone host major events, so recording podcasts seems to be the best option for artists to freely express themselves right now.

“Sometimes the sounds make you choose to be or not to be in the moment, in your thoughts about the past or the future, or to deny it all and experience being in the moment. Therefore the sounds make you experience a little escape, a sensation that causes an expression of emotion or aesthetic impulses, maybe with rhythm, maybe not. Even you can experience fear or calmness with frequency and sadness and motivation with a combination of sounds and involvement in a place where sounds are the only way to feel life.”


feeder sound 389 mixed by The13 delivers an immersive and equally engaging selection built upon dub techno rhythms and textures that are carefully intertwined with straight-up twisted techno grooves, bass-laden garage cuts, breakbeat moments and subtle acidic insertions. Among the tracks we find timeless cuts from artists like Krisz Deak, DJ Life & Reflex Blue, Daniel[I] and Ajukaja, among others. Enjoy the ride with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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