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The Waves - Motorikherz LP [Perlon] 01

The Waves – Motorikherz 2×12″ LP [Perlon]

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The Waves – Motorikherz 2×12″ LP [Perlon]

It’s been almost 10 years since Maayan Nidam brought forward her alternative music project The Waves which focuses on experimental electronica, IDM, post-punk and noise. Since the collaborative tour with Louis McGuire and Markus Nikolaus back in 2014 which resulted in the release of “With Any Future EP” on Wolf + Lamb and “Maya LP” dropped in 2020 on Cool Mom Records, Maayan has been slowly and carefully working on a new album that is now ready to hit the shelves on selected record stores worldwide in a 2×12″ viny-only package.

Titled “Motorikherz”, the material delivers 9 tracks and sees the artist return to Perlon once more, revealing a different sound that explores analog electronic music beyond the dancefloor themes we’re used with. Aside from this connection, Maayan has also worked with labels like Powershovel Audio, Cadenza, Freak n’ Chic, Brush & Broom, Waking Life and her own playground Hellium, among others. She also participated with a track to the first volume of our “Peace in Ukraine” Various Artists series featuring Life on Planets.

Laying out spontaneous and inspiring chain reactions between guitar pedals, drum machines, modular synths and acoustic instruments in order to generate sounds in unpredictable and exciting ways, The Waves project is all about experimental, introducing the listener to uncharted sonic dimensions. From the very first track to the last “Motorikherz” flows in waves, incorporating influences from IDM, electro, trip-hop and synth-pop music. Expect bubbling drumming patterns, peculiar textures, deep abstract themes, subtle psychedelic insertions and highly modulated vocals that permeate through most of the cuts leaving an eerie feeling behind.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Motorikherz 2×12″ LP at,, Juno Records or wordandsound.

Artists: The Waves