Javier Carballo Launches Pegatina Residency At Les Enfants Brillants

Javier Carballo Launches Pegatina Residency At Les Enfants Brillants

Pegatina is born. The brainchild of Spanish artist Javier Carballo, in collaboration with Barcelona hotspot, Les Enfants Brillants. A key figure in bringing stellar talent and underground sounds to the Spanish city since it opened. Pegatina is a project in which Javier gives back to the amazing city he currently calls home, with three dates already secured February 11th with Ba Dum Tish founder Alec Falconer and Berna, April 09th, and May 19th. The ethos of the brand is extremely straight forward. High quality dance music parties without any complexities, as the slogan states: Dance, Sweat, Respect. 

Tickets – 11th February with Alec Falconer & Berna: https://xceed.me/es/barcelona/event/club-pegatina-pres-alec-falconer-javier-carballo–118714

After 10 years of moving around from London to Berlin, Javier now resides full time in Barcelona, a city of which he loves, and can not wait to build his Pegatina brand in. After several intimate sessions at the highly regarded Les Enfants establishment, including an all night long show, Javier has fallen in love with the club and the atmosphere the team has created. The perfect home for Pegatina to flourish with its positive outlook at the heart. 

The vibe on the nights will be an open book for some of Javier’s favourite artists from recent years to come and showcase their sound, melding genres by a host of widely appreciated talent, but simultaneously offering a platform for up and coming artists on Carballo’s radar. The best of both worlds. 

Key Dates: 

11/02: Alec Falconer, Berna, Javier Carballo 

09/04: TBA

19/05: TBA

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