Jack Cheler’s “Pigments” EP is a must listen

Jack Cheler's "Pigments" EP is a must listen

Release features a remix by Romanian DJ and producer Nu Zau

By Nicolle Prado

DJ and producer Jack Cheler is one of the most important Brazilian electronic scene’s names to keep on your radar. The artist has been standing out more and more, either for his captivating performances in major clubs or for his productions, which reveal his in-depth knowledge within the variations of House Music. 

The most recent proof of all his potential is his new EP “Pigments“, which arrived on the platforms last Friday (21). The release is on the Totoyov label, one of the main Micro House and Minimal labels in Brazil. 

With five original songs, “Pigments” bets on versatility and dynamics that, even with unusual experimentations, builds a cohesive and immersive set. In addition, Cheler creates a synergistic atmosphere, working from darker and more mysterious melodies, as in “Nuzemba” and “Introspective Journey“. He maintains his creativity with the electrifying arrangements of “Indicate”, “Coloration” and “Pigments”.  

The EP also features a collaboration with Nu Zau. The Romanian producer brings a reinterpretation for the title track, adding a futuristic energy. It’s Nu Zau’s debut on Totoyov

Check out the “Pigments” EP.

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