PAND3MONIUM – Hotter Than Hell [Memento Records]

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PAND3MONIUM - Hotter Than Hell [Memento Records]

PAND3MONIUM – Hotter Than Hell [Memento Records]

Memento Records presents “Hotter Than Hell”, a dancefloor-oriented release produced by Matteo Lago, Andrea Santini and Miky R, three DJs with more than a decade of experience behind the decks. They are best known for their sweaty and twisted party named Pandemonium which will soon transform into a record label as well, aiming to function as an output for their studio work.

Founded by Idriss D back in 2006, Memento Records always delivered top-quality electronic music productions, memorable events and great A&R services worldwide. Among the artists that collaborated with the imprint, we find Matteo Vanti, Danilo Vigorito, Danny Benedettini, Fabrizio Maurizi, Mirko Loco, DJ Rocca, Alfonso Leon, Eduardo De La Calle, DJ Sotofett and Marco Effe, to name just a few.

On Side A we find Andrea Santini’s “Make Some Changes”, a pumping and groovy percussive track infused with shuffling hi-hats, a bubbly bassline and a juicy acid house touch that flows along with the inviting vocals that call out for a dance. Side B invites us to “The Party Zone”, a flamboyant house cut signed by Matteo Lago, designed with engaging and sharp drumming patterns, hypnotic synth stabs and an anthemic vocal hook that will make you remember the way house music sounded back in the 90s. Closing the record, Miky R’s “Wild Flight” reveals an uplifting technoid composition influenced by early Detroit gimmicks, laying out a relentless and swinging rhythm imbued with playful synth melodies and bright chords.

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Artists: PAND3MONIUM (Matteo Lago, Andrea Santini, Miky R)
Title: Hotter Than Hell
Label: Memento Records
Cat. number: MEMENTO048
Release date: 18.01.2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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