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Eliptica - Falcon 9 [Lescale] 01

Eliptica – Falcon 9 (w. Ramona Yacef Remix) [Lescale Recordings]

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Eliptica – Falcon 9 (w. Ramona Yacef Remix) [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings announces “Falcon 9” EP signed by the Italian trio Eliptica to arrive soon in selected record stores worldwide alongside label head Ramona Yacef on remix duties. Delivering a musical composition of the highest level, just as the label has been getting us used to, the material is crafted by authentic experts of sound design and surveys the modern musical landscape by laying out an inspiring mixture of style and genres.

Antonio Valente, Andrea Bruno and Riccardo “Rikha” Chiarucci aka Eliptica are long-time friends, DJs and producers, well-settled in the Italian underground scene for quite some time now. Adding concrete grooves to abstract patterns, their musical concept is to merge breakbeat, acid techno and house with experimental jazz influences providing an authentic and refined setting for studio or live performances. Eliptica is a triple astral conjunction.

Ramona Yacef was born with a strong passion for music and musical instruments and remains fully dedicated to her life path, constantly delivering outstanding productions and DJ sets. Influenced by a wide spectrum of sounds, her sonic journeys are either warm, deep and steady-paced or dancefloor-oriented, incorporating electric grooves and driving compositions. Based in Paris, she founded Lescale Recordings in order to publish all kinds of electronic music that brings forward quality, authenticity and consistency.

Inspired by the latest achievements in spacefaring technology, the EP delivers a complex and complete musical trip segmented into five tracks that create an immersive experience. The record takes off with a short Intro where spacey sounds and haunting tones take the lead, making for an evocative atmosphere of beatless and experimental ambient.

The title track Falcon 9 follows up with dub-centric rhythms and synth melodies filled with endless echoes on a steady and solid groove while Ramona Yacef‘s remix brilliantly pushes the limits of the original with upfront breaks and driving beats to reach a dancefloor intensity.

With Orion, the tempo is lowered to a laid-back dimension flavoured with filtered stabs and lush pads flowing on an atmospheric field while the Outro completes the journey with subtle rhythms buried in the mix and soft synths serving the main melody. A highly recommended 12′ for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: Eliptica, Ramona Yacef