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userUNKNWN & Soyro - Prelude To Foundation EP [Maru] 01

userUNKNWN & Soyro – Prelude To Foundation EP (w. Suolo Remix) [Maru]

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userUNKNWN & Soyro – Prelude To Foundation EP (w. Suolo Remix) [Maru]

userUNKNWN and Soyro team up once again, this time for “Prelude To Foundation EP” dispatched via the Australian record label Maru. Suolo, the artist behind the imprint’s first release, joins in with a remix, completing the record with style. The material surely adds even more magic to the Sydney-based venture’s discography which so far showcased music by Lulla, Vlf and Prajescu. The artwork is signed by Raul Ciceu.

The collaboration between userUNKNWN and Soyro spans many years and includes releases with labels like PianoForest Records, Rhanamh, Legacy and Abduction. They are also very active with their solo projects and careers, always delivering top-quality sounds to the people. For this 12″ local artist Suolo steps in with a stellar remix, making the record a must-have for collectors and selectors alike.

On this EP, both originals complete each other, laying out a warm minimal techno sound smoothly flavoured with subtle progressive and psychedelic elements. “Prelude” opens Side A with a warm meandering atmosphere powered by a steady-paced rhythm, playful pulsating chords, bright arpeggios and spacious breakdowns that focus on the background effects. Following, “Foundation” takes the journey further into hypnotic dimensions while keeping to the energy and textures of its counterpart.

On the flipside, Suolo‘s remix of A1 switches gears for a different vibe where glitched patterns, heavily modulated vocals and a shuffling percussive core deliver an engaging groove, best fitted for the afterhours.

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Artists: userUNKNWN, Soyro, Suolo