In Conversation With F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy)…

After dropping their “Wired” EP on Leon’s Futura label we managed to catch up with both F.T.G and A.D.M (Italy), a duo whose chemistry in the studio is clear, an undeniable ability to work together sharing a similar vision, but both bringing their particular skills and traits to the table. In the interview we touch on their processes together, the current scene in Italy and much more. Let’s go…

You can check out the title track here:

f: Congratulations with your “Wired” EP on Leon’s Futura, how did the release come about? 

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): We have known Leon for a long time and we were pleased to propose music for his FUTURA label. We chose the tracks “Wired” and “Get Out” for his label and fortunately he liked both immediately. 

f: Are you frequently working in the studio together? What are your processes when creating music together?

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): At least 1/2 times a month we work in the studio together. When we made these two tracks, we were in the middle of the global pandemic and both in the red zone, so we made this EP almost clandestinely, secretly meeting in the studio, using all the precautions, but with the real desire to make music together and face to face, seeing each other despite the restrictions and risks. Remembering those moments today seems a bit like an adventure movie story.

f: Do you see yourself releasing more music together in the future? 

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): Absolutely yes, we realized that we are very compatible in the studio and, above all, our history as artists and producers has linked us over the years. Mutual friends and artistic situations shared for over 10 years have created a new space in our lives to cultivate and share ideas and projects.

f: Can we talk a bit about the Italian scene right now, what are your impressions at the moment? We saw about the government crack down on illegal parties, do you think this will have a huge impact on the scene there? 

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): What happened to the illegal parties does not imply much on the Italian scene, let’s say that there is a lot of difference between legal and illegal parties starting from the organization, but it is equally true that many borderline events were forerunners of musical genres and in some cases they have created real underground movements, such as the Rave culture. These situations over time then resulted in high-level legal realities.

f: What do you think could be done to improve today’s industry? 

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): Apart from big cities, we believe that the provincial clubs in Italy are trapped in the most total ignorance, usual guests, usual formats and very little experimentation apart from very rare realities. It is not easy to change certain cultural dynamics. The only people who have the power to improve today’s industry are promoters first and foremost and club managers. In the first place it should be these two figures to believe in something else. It seems more and more that it is not so simple to get out of their “comfort zone” for various reasons.

f: Are you both also working on any solo projects at the moment?  

F.T.G & A.D.M (Italy): Certainly! We are always looking for new sounds and new vibes both for personal projects and for those in common. Our goals are always aimed at the future, today, it’s us, already yesterday.

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