VA (Minube, Andrey Djackonda, Ghertz, Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil) – RERD 001 [readred]

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VA (Minube, Andrey Djackonda, Ghertz, Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil) – RERD 001 [readred]

While cooling off the spacecraft after readred landed on its destination, the crew spotted an interesting material coming from a hole in the ground. Surprisingly, it was the same element used to press vinyl so they decided to release their first VA. The experience is coded in intricate and solid minimal techno, microhouse and breakbeat sounds delivered by Minube, Andrey Djackonda, Ghertz and Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil.

Each artist brings forward his distinct take on modern electronic music so expect an intense sonic journey that works like magic in both peak-time selections as well as the afterhours. Based in Moldova and curated by Minube, the label also has a digital playground on Bandcamp and aims to deliver top-quality releases to the people, signed by renowned and up-and-coming artists from all over the world. Let’s dive into the compilation and explore the tracks in more detail.

The Commander-in-Chief Minube controls the unexpected situations happening during the trip using his extended experience gathered through many years of hard work. His opening track “Yrt” drops a steaming and uplifting sound, perfect for the dancefloor. Here, hypnotic melodies, spiralling effects and mysterious vocal textures smoothly entangle with powerful drumming patterns and spaced-out effects. Up next, The Colonel Andrey Djackonda supports everybody with his happy vibes so that everything stays cool. “Twirl This” maintains the energy of A1 and slides deeper down groovy sinewaves, swinging arrangements and bubbly rhythms.

On the flipside, The Pilot Ghertz concentrates on the smooth and organic flow of the aircraft using his knowledge of modular machines. “Tesla Vs Edison” reveals a meandering sci-fi atmosphere elegantly powered by a potent steady-paced beat and otherworldly background melodies and harmonics. The Defence-in-Charge is assured by Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil with “Jahata”, an immersive composition designed with breakbeat elements, spacious textures and drifting moods, conjured up in order to protect everything including the spacecraft and crew.

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Artists: Minube, Andrey Djackonda, Ghertz, Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil
Title: RERD 001
Label: readred
Cat. number: RERD001
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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