premiere: Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz – Looking Glass (Vid Remix) [Sounds of Sirius]

Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz - Looking Glass (Vid Remix) [Sounds of Sirius] 001

exclusive premiere: Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz – Looking Glass (Vid Remix) [Sounds of Sirius]

After three amazing releases signed by Guy From Downstairs, Denis Kaznacheev and Silat Beksi, Sounds of Sirius returns with its fourth interstellar transmission with the Chilean duo Etro Hahn and Herman Saiz at the controls alongside local artists Herck and Vid on remix duties. Revealing the alchemy of sounds in order to dissolve the limits of the linear mind, “Stargate EP” delivers an immersive sonic journey designed with interdimensional minimalistic rhythms and textures, perfect for the dancefloor.

For almost two decades now, Etro Hahn has explored percussion in numerous forms and styles, from various instruments to carefully laid out patterns in his minimal or microhouse productions, where they meet atmospheric soundscapes and pure underground energy waves. Among the labels he collaborated with we find Real Music, Percusa, Cumpa Limited, True Balance, Mono Recordings, Agua y Sed and Whoyostro.

Based in New Zealand and heading Sounds of Sirius, Herman Saiz interconnects his relationship with music production, meditation and different energy states by fusing binaural beats with modular synths and dynamic rhythms and textures. His discography includes serious titles published by imprints like Baile Musik, Chikyu-u Records, Aprapta, Leuchtturm, Berberis and Imnsomniak, to name a few.

Side B brings forward the second original cut of the EP entitled “Looking Glass”, as well as its counterpart crafted by Vid, well-known for his works on Pleasure Zone, Abartik,Visage LTD, Brouqade, DUB Musik Limited, Hashplant, UVAR and his own playground Andromeda.

Both the remix and B1 rotate into a hypnotic affair best fitted for dimly lighted dancefloors. Sharing low-slung yet energizing drumming patterns, wobbling basslines, cosmic modulations and spaced-out effects, the tracks tell the same story while the difference is felt in the background textures and the breakdowns. A spiralling minimal techno experience right here.

On Side A we first find the title track “Stargate”, a steaming composition powered by a solid stripped-out beat flavoured with meandering melodies, electric arpeggios and inspiring complementary elements that add even more magic to the whole. Herck‘s reinterpretation switches the focus to the vocal samples and the sounds from the original’s breakdowns, smoothly integrating his perspective in the continuous flow of the record.

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Title/Cat.No.: B2. Looking Glass (Vid Remix) / Stargate EP / SOSNZ004
Release Date/Format: 11.11.2022 / Vinyl-Only

Words by: AndreiB

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