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Iuly.B - Percutron EP [Top Cut Records] 01

Iuly.B – Percutron EP [Top Cut Records]

Iuly.B – Percutron EP [Top Cut Records]

Top Cut Records sets sail with “Percutron EP” signed by Romanian artist Iuly.B, bringing forward a fresh minimal sound that has already been played by the likes of Raresh, Apollonia, Cristi Cons and Ivan Iacobucci. Born out of an uncompromising desire to design and tell stories worth hearing, the label is set to provide the utmost level of attention to detail in order to ensure that every facet of its creations adds to a complete sonic experience. The aim is to create solely what feels real without the pressure of conforming to passing trends.

After more than 10 years of activity in both local and international underground electronic music scenes, it was about time for Iulian Bivolaru aka Iuly.B to set up his own imprint and add even more magic to his discography which includes releases on Moral Fiber, Savor Music, Claque Musique, Memoria Recordings, Visionquest, Infuse, Vatos Locos, Vuew, Mulen, Subtil and Metereze, among others. Throughout time he also shared the DJ booth with many well-known and rising artists, always dropping an engaging and inspiring sound for the people.

Side A opens with the title track “Percutron”, a steady-paced composition that deploys a hypnotic rotation of percussive patterns, reverberating synth work and glitched effects. Time to take a ride down groove avenue. Next up there’s “Booster” laying out a progressive design spiced with a solid wobbling bassline, bright melodic chords and spacious breakdowns. On the flipside we first find the heavily flanged textures of “Tell Me” which unleashes a twisted combination of sharp electric riffs and atipic drumming arrangements while the closing cut “Devil Inside” drops a dark atmosphere powered by broken beats and eerie vocals, best-fitted for dimly lighted dancefloors. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: Iuly.B